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Cardinal Zen: "Holy See Encourages Sin"

Hong Kong Cardinal Zen, 88, told (October 29, video below) that the secret Vatican-China deal didn't
normalise the situation of the Chinese Catholics, as Cardinal Parolin had claimed.

On the contrary, there is “only a hardening for Catholics” and "the persecution is much harsher now than before.”

Zen is 100% sure that Parolin doesn't believe his claims. Zen says about the fact that the Holy See encourages Catholics to join an independent State church, “That’s sinful because you join a schismatic church.”

Claims that already Benedict XVI approved the deal are for him an “insult”. He has enough evidence that the Cardinals Parolin and Diaz drafted the agreement in 2010 and Benedict XVI refused to sign it.

Zen knows that the Chinese State bishops have not changed since the deal, that they are “completely on the side of the government,” and “absolute unworthy to be bishops”.


God bless Cardinal Zen and Chinese Catholics.
Democracy can ultimately force its way through anything — even through representative government.
"Holy See Encourages Sin" Y'think? Just not so loud, eh Cardinal? You might disturb some Papal prayers... ;-)