Consolation: Neoconservative Scandal Founders Were “Not True Perverts”

The French journalist Céline Hoyeau has written a book about people like Father Marie-Dominique Philippe (Community of St John), his brother Father Thomas Philippe and Jean Vanier (L'Arche), André-Marie van der Borght, called Ephraim (Community of the Beatitudes), and defrocked Father Thierry de Roucy (Heart's Home).

They were heroes during John Paul II's ambivalent Pontificate but were later accused of abuses. Hoyeau herself was part of the “John Paul II generation” and participated in retreats of the these communities. Now she is working for the anti-Catholic daily La Croix.

These founders were “manipulative” and “two-faced personalities” who mostly were not true perverts who would enjoy the exploitation of others, she told cruxnow.com (April 12).

They were charismatic, enthusiastic, emotional, captivating for their affectivity, great preachers, had an aura and "luminous intuitions,” presented a high spiritual ideal which met the expectations of their public which considered them “as saints."

Thus, they attracted vocations and appeared as successful “men of the Providence,” capable of “saving the Church” and re-evangelising society while the average parish was falling apart.

However, they also showed a narcissistic flaw and, according to Hoyeau, used others for their ends in an intellectual, spiritual, financial, and sexual way, but “without necessarily being aware of it." Some of them justified their assaults of adult women with a deviant mysticism which was in keeping with their emotionalism and sentimentalism.

For Hoyeau, the [Novus Ordo] Church context enabled abuses because these founders didn't encounter any counterweight outside or inside their community. In her limited capacity of detecting the true problems, she sees a "a context of crisis, of great expectations of renewal for Catholics, and of absence of control.”

In reality, a culture of kissing and hugging which opened the door for abuses, was promoted in public as the sign of a "new Church" that was laughing at the "laws," the "narrow-mindedness," and "scrupulosity" of the Church "before the Council."

Picture: Jean Vanier, Marie-Dominique Philippe, Thomas Philippe © NAME, CC BY-SA, #newsKpdvdqppno