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Bishop Resigns to Become a Hermit

Auxiliary Bishop Jacob Muricken, 59, of the Syro-Malabar Diocese of Pala, India, resigned in August to live in a hermitage he built at Nallathanni in Kanjirappally Diocese, Kerala.

Since becoming a priest, Muricken led a “very simple life.” In 2016, he donated one of his kidneys to a 31-year-old Hindu.

According to media reports, for Muricken, a hermit is a person who contemplates on God and lives “completely in union with nature.”

He plans to have one vegetarian meal a day, “I will cook by myself and use a bed and chair of wood and stone.” There will be a limited possibility to visit him once a month.

Muricken only started wearing shoes after he became an auxiliary bishop.