Dangerous Idiots: A “Refreshing War.” By Specola

We have long been confronted with unscrupulous people who base their policy on mass brainwashing, impose on us the abominable crime of abortion as a right, and want to murder us when we are no longer productive.

They run the world's major media, governments and, unfortunately also the Vatican, by spreading lies as huge as mountains.

Probably the elite and their minions are moving to provoke World War III and listening to Putin's speeches, all will lose control.

The elites, they don't hide it, aim to reduce the world's population, and there is nothing more "refreshing" than a war after a pandemic that can wipe out millions of human beings, and all at a time in the history of politics, the Church, the media and the intelligentsia when there has never been such a high percentage of dangerous idiots.

Source: InfoVaticana.com (March 1)

Brilliant analysis, unfortunately. It's the First Saturday, you may still have time to attend Mass, pray the Rosary, meditate for 15 minutes on a mystery of the Rosary, and go to confession in the next week.
Then, too, maybe now the Pope will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.
Jan Joseph
De wereld wordt bestuurd door idioten die ons willen uitroeien, maar ze roeien zichzelf uit.
warning, todays media are the voices of evil ,the more people wake up the better for humanity
Maria Pocs
This would make sense in a war of extermination--which this isn't. Russia has repeatedly asked civilians not to fight and taken POWs. Zelensky has responded by positioning defenses in densely populated civilian areas and now his commanders are endorsing war crimes.
Wichita Knight
"Without the option of surrendering." a.k.a. "the Black Flag." I believe Stonewall Jackson advocated for the same policy during the American Civil War.