Hypocrisy: For Francis’ and His Regime Bishops’ These Are the WRONG WOMEN

The group of “suffering Catholics” ignored by Francis and his bishops are those women who have repented after an abortion, Christine Harrington writes on (November 19).

“I am one of those women who deeply regrets my ‘choice’,” Harrington writes. In November, the US Bishops voted not to take a stand against abortion politicians.

Harrington comments, “Before I repented of my abortions, I could not receive Holy Communion” while pro-death political figures “are not only told they are ‘good Catholics’ but are now given free rein by bishops to receive Holy Communion.” She calls this “hypocrisy” and a “double standard.” Her question, “Why, bishops, do you ignore us?"


John A Cassani
Because abortion is legal, many of the women who have abortions are victims themselves, having been pressured, or even forced to go to the abattoir by their husband, boyfriend, or their (c)atholic parent(s). Those who legalized abortion and keep it legal are, in a sense, more guilty than the others, because they do it completely in cold blood.
chris griffin
"As you have done, it will be done to you" Obadiah 1:15