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New Low: Bätzing Insults Evangelist Luke

In the Acts of the Apostles' "narrative" about Stephen, the "contending parties" do not come together, said the presiding German bishop Georg Bätzing in his sermon at the May 29 Stuttgart Katholikentag.

Bätzing accused the evangelist Luke who is the author of the Acts of the Apostles, of blaming the stoning of Stephen "on the Jewish side".

From this he concludes that "the Christians" carry a "heavy burden". Bätzing wallowed in masochism, saying that the guilt Christianity has incurred over the centuries through "devaluation and slander" is "almost immeasurable".

He expressed his relieve that today's Church was doing all it could to combat any kind of "anti-Semitism". But Luke has nothing to do with Bätzing's racial ideology which is at the basis of anti-Semitism. The Acts of the Apostles is about religion, not about nationalism. Luke and Stephen ("the Christians") were no less Jews than Bätzing's "Jewish side".

Bätzing preached, of course, not for those present, but to be praised by oligarchs' media activists who demand from the Church endless self-accusations.


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