England Prosecutes "Criminal" Grandmother

Rosa Lalor, 76, a grandmother from Liverpool, England, was arrested and fined £200 during the February 2021 curfew for taking a daily prayer walk near an abortion mill.

She was masked, distanced, alone. The policeman claimed Lalor was there “to protest.” She explained she was “walking and praying” and that this was part of her daily exercise permitted by Covid regulations.

“I never thought that in a democratic [sic!] country like the UK I would be arrested for a simple and solitary prayer walk,” Lalor told Adf.uk (April 13).

Several delays have prevented the case from moving forward after Lalor pled “not guilty.” This Easter, she will contest the charge in court.


Claud Hughes shares this
Rosa Lalor, a 76 year old Catholic has been able to successfully overturn the decision by the police to fine and arrest her for praying outside an abortion clinic in 2021.
Defeat Modernism
This is what the world led by Judeo-Freemasonry looks like. You can have children attending DragQueen Story hour with pedo groomers, you can kill children in the womb, you can allow children to mutilate themselves without parental consent to 'change' their gender. That is all 'legal' but pray outside the mass murder temple to Satan and you get arrested.
We are living in a world where man prefer to depart from God ,and love himself ,and other man made gods ,because he has been deceived by evil.We need to pray and pray for God to have mercy on us
Alex A
Of course, she was protesting in her prayerful way. More power to her for doing so
the people of the world have to unite against the elites in power ,organize and protest before its too late
chris griffin
Not Guilty says the lord!