Abp. Viganò: The Pandemic Sanhedrin is Spinning a Labyrinth of Covid Lies.

The following is a translation of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s address to the Italian People gathered in Rome and throughout Italy on Saturday.

You have gathered today in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, and in many other squares in Italy, as hundreds of thousands of people around the world manifest their opposition to the establishment of a global tyranny. Millions of citizens of every nation, in the deafening silence of the media, have been shouting their own “No!” For months: No to pandemic madness, No to lockdowns, curfews, the imposition of vaccinations, No to health passports, to the blackmail of a totalitarian power enslaved by the elite.

Almost two years have passed since the beginning of this planetary nightmare. We entered a labyrinth step by step. At the beginning it was the masks indoors; then came the lockdowns with self-certifications; then the curfew … remember? Each time, faced with an abuse that might seem justified by the emergency, we have accepted to let ourselves be deprived of a bit of freedom. Step by step. They prevented us from going to church, leaving the house, working, going to school, visiting loved ones and even dying relatives in the hospital. Step by step. At a certain time of the evening, in our streets, we saw only the riders for the Amazon and JustEat deliveries: New victims of the Great Reset, new slaves of the System, together with many small entrepreneurs, owners of shops, bars and restaurants, forced into bankruptcy by absurd, illegitimate and counterproductive rules.

Not to mention the psychological breakdown that has affected many of us, from the youngest to the oldest: some deprived of any social contact, the others confined in the RSA without treatment, condemned to die by a ministerial protocol. Step by step, we got used to the idea that a Technical-Scientific Committee could decide — so at least we were told — that the virus circulated only after 6 p.m., or that it hit standing and not-sitting patrons in bars, that it infected in churches or museums but not on commuter trains or buses full of students.

Step by step, they made us believe that a seasonal flu like any other coronavirus could kill thousands of people, without however telling us that general practitioners and hospital wards had been forbidden to administer treatment, waiting for the disease to worsen. They did not tell us that COVID, on the recommendation of the health authority, had to be treated as a lung disease, while it was of circulatory origin; they did not tell us that autopsies had been prohibited and that the corpses were cremated, to prevent them from discovering the causes of the disease and understanding how to cure it.

But in the meantime they showed us General Figliuolo’s military trucks, loaded with corpses; and they were careful not to explain that those trucks contained a few coffins, accumulated in Bergamo after a period in which the funeral home had been prevented from collecting the bodies and organizing their funerals. But what an impact, on the entire population, confined at home in front of the television, hypnotized by media terrorism, scientifically planned according to the most cynical principles of propaganda!

Think of the elderly, far from their loved ones, deprived of any comfort, even spiritual — even priests were forbidden to access to administer Extreme Unction! — forced to suffer this daily hammering, to see their bed neighbor die, to witness the despair of people even more lonely than them. Today we discover that the administration of Propofol, an anesthetic used to induce pharmacological coma, was not only practiced by the Primary of Montichiari arrested for voluntary murder, but was common practice in all hospitals, as confirmed in an interview by the President of the Primaries and as Dr. Rock.

In practice, they are telling us with the utmost tranquility that last year the seriously ill of Covid, before being intubated, were sedated with Propofol, in the knowledge that this would have caused their death. And they tell us so brazenly, because they are evidently convinced that none of us will have anything to object, that no magistrate will open a file, that no journalist will denounce this latest scandal, that no politician will dare to criticize the Prime Minister or the Minister of Health.

Step by step, we have come to see ourselves forced, in order not to lose our job and to be able to carry out normal activities, to present a document — the green pass — which certifies the state of health of contagious and contagious vaccinated and substantially unreliable masks. Because, as you know, the vaccine does not protect against infection and the masks do not guarantee that the result corresponds to reality. For what? For a flu that could be cured — and which in many cases has been cured with documented success, where they left it — but which had to be incurable, in order to legitimize the testing of vaccines in derogation from ordinary rules.

And always in these days — days when the truth seems to come more and more to light — we learn from the statements of some doctors that swabs, on the basis of which they confined us to the house or forced us to ridiculous and exhausting quarantines; the swabs they imposed on us to detect positive cases to use for the famous expert statistics are unreliable. And they tell us today, with impunity, after having ruined the economy, the social fabric, the psychophysical balance of an entire nation. But if those swabs aren’t needed today, they weren’t needed yesterday either; and not only the “conspiracy theorists” said so, but their own inventors, claiming that they had no diagnostic use. But since today masks need to be delegitimized because they are the only alternative — albeit expensive — to the inoculation of the experimental gene serum, they are magically no longer reliable, whereas before they were by law. A bit like COVID after 6 p.m.

A little while ago I mentioned the labyrinth into which we have entered. More precisely: A labyrinth in which we found ourselves following those who promised us to get out, knowing full well that it has no exit. With every step we have taken, entering the maze of this labyrinth, we have strayed and lost.

Because this IS a labyrinth. A tangle of pseudoscientific affirmations, of logical contradictions, of apodictic proclamations, of dogmas proclaimed by the new COVID priests, by the pandemic Sanhedrin.

There is nothing consequential and rational in what we are told, and it is precisely in believing that what they tell us makes sense, that we go further and further into the labyrinth. “Let’s get vaccinated to save the frail and the elderly who cannot be vaccinated,” they told us, while vaccinating the frail and the elderly. “Let’s get vaccinated to be able to take off the masks and start living again,” and shortly after we discovered that not only should we have to wear the masks, but that one dose of serum was no longer enough, and not even two, and perhaps not even three.

Meanwhile, the frail and the elderly die of COVID even after the double dose, and if they survive it is because in hospitals — deny me, if you can — for some time the patients of COVID have been given azithromycin, making it appear as a cure against intestinal parasites but knowing full well that it is used against the virus. In order not to undermine the credibility of vaccines, certainly not for the health of patients.

We have to get out of this maze, dear friends. But we cannot get out of it by simply protesting against the green pass, which is only the most recent tool of repression, and certainly not the last. Of course: The green pass is a legal aberration, a hateful blackmail, a proof of the pretext of the pandemic alarm; but if also revoking the green pass, there would remain the absurdity of considering a curable virus deadly that has not caused more deaths than those of the past few years; the absurdity of wearing masks that are not only useless — by the very admission of the “experts” — but which, on the contrary, cause serious lung diseases and brain pathologies; the absurdity of considering a “vaccine” as a drug that does not serve to give immunity and that proves to have such serious side effects, to overcome the deaths of all vaccines in the last ten years in just a few months of administration; the absurdity of letting us inoculate an experimental drug that acts on our DNA, making us genetically modified organisms; the absurdity of following directions and protocols that seem written by sorcerers and not by conscientious doctors, given the series of counter-orders that have now reached the pathetic.

The absurdity of seriously and calmly refuting statements so scandalous and false that they do not deserve an answer. Draghi’s: “Whoever gets vaccinated is saved, whoever doesn’t get vaccinated dies” is a lie; to say “The vaccinated do not die from Covid” is false, just as it is false to say that COVID is a deadly disease, since it becomes such only if it is not treated. And it is false that there are no treatments, because those much discredited treatments are now used by the European authorities for preventive purposes on the Afghan refugees we welcomed a few weeks ago.

It is all false. False data on deaths from COVID. False reliability of the swabs. False efficacy and non-dangerousness of vaccines. False admissions in intensive care. False “non-correlation” of “sudden illness” affecting the vaccinated. False news alerts, false services of entertainment programs in which the usual “experts” and virostar intervene, false the predictions of statisticians. Let’s get out of the maze!

We reject the media narrative, perhaps deciding to turn off the television, which today has turned into an infernal tabernacle. Let’s break the logical short circuit of those who demand our consent even when they lie shamelessly. And to get out of the labyrinth, dear friends, it is necessary to look at things with a look that is not limited to single facts, but sees them all in a broader framework, in which the pandemic is a social engineering tool artfully provoked with the aim to take us to the green pass, to total control, to the limitation of natural and constitutional freedoms in the name of a Great Reset that none of us want, that no one has ever asked us to vote, which concentrates power and wealth in the hands of an elite — that of the “philanthrocapitalists” like Gates and Soros — and who consider the rest of humanity as a reservoir of slaves and customers, to whom to give that minimum of money — created out of nothing and which weighs on them as a debt — that it serves to allow them to buy the goods that this elite produces; goods produced with cheap labor, of course, forced to do everything to survive. While he prepares to sell us air, water and sunlight, perhaps under the pretext of the green emergency and under the pressure of Greta Thunberg’s ridiculous Fridays for Future.

We leave the labyrinth, recognizing that there is a problem of authority: civil authority that does not pursue the common good of citizens, and religious authority that has not only stopped caring for the eternal salvation of the faithful, but delivers them into the jaws of an infernal dragon. We get out of the labyrinth by learning to use critical judgment, not to be deceived by those with a record of such abuses, lies and crimes, so as not to let us assume that they will behave differently with us. We leave the labyrinth realizing that a world war is underway, fought not with real weapons, but with unconventional weapons, such as censorship of information, the enslavement of doctors, the complicity of politicians, magistrates and law enforcement agencies; a war that leaves innocent victims in its path, that destroys society, that affects people in the soul even before the body, that has been declared against everything that recalls our civilization, our culture, our faith, the our values. A war between light and darkness, between good and evil. We must recognize that, if we have come to this point, we owe it in large part to our infidelity, to letting others decide for God what is right and what is not, to allowing that in the name of tolerance allowed the violation of natural law and the degeneration of Christian morality, the murder of children in the womb, the killing of the sick and the elderly, and the corruption of children and young people.

What is happening today is the poisoned fruit of decades of dissolution, of rebellion against the Law of the Lord, of sins and vices that cry out for vengeance in the sight of God. Providence shows us how the world can become, when it abandons the Lordship of Jesus Christ and places under the bondage of Satan.

Mine are not apocalyptic words — as some say — but a severe warning, as a Pastor, to return to God, to recognize that where Christ the King and Mary Queen do not reign, the cruel and ruthless tyranny of the devil reigns, which promises universal brotherhood, while he wants only your destruction on earth and your eternal damnation.

Jesus Christ is King and Lord of History, in His hands are the fates and destinies of each of us, of the States and of the Holy Church. He will not allow us to succumb to the onslaught of the enemy of mankind. Return, let us all return to him, with the trust of the prodigal son who humbly asks his father to forgive him and to welcome him back into his home. Let us go back to being Christians, proud of our Faith and of the civilization that Religion has built up in the course of two thousand years of history. Let’s go back to defending in civil and political commitment those non-negotiable values that today we see denied and trampled on. But above all — I beg you, I implore you — let us go back to living in the Grace of God, to frequent the Sacraments, to practice the virtues, to be Christians consistent with the promises of Baptism, authentic witnesses of Christ.

To get out of the labyrinth, it is necessary to retrace the path taken backwards: our “Ariadne’s thread” is the defense of the family, of the social and religious fabric of the nation, of our culture which is inescapably Christian, Catholic and Roman.

We Italians are not racists! In the name of Charity that over the centuries has represented one of the pride of Christian Europe, we can welcome those who are persecuted and proscribed by their country, but we cannot be responsible for the exploitation of millions of migrants, under the pretext of hospitality. We know that their immigration to Europe was planned by the elite to destroy our civil, cultural and religious identity; it serves the elite to create social chaos, to introduce underpaid labor, to foment wars among the poor and to deprive the countries they come from of their young people.

To get out of the labyrinth, we must resist with courage and firmness, as our fathers were able to oppose the dictatorships of the last century. Civil disobedience, coordination of protest actions, contacts with the movements of other states, union in an anti-globalist alliance that ensures help and support against the authorities subservient to the system. A serene resistance, nourished by the awareness that the world envisaged by the Great Reset is not our world, since it is founded on an ideology of death, on an anti-human and anti-Christic thought, and which is based only on the strength of weapons or on blackmail towards those who cannot rebel.

They forget, these wretched servants of the New Order, that theirs is a utopia, indeed a hellish dystopia, which is repugnant to all of us precisely because it does not consider that we are not made of electromagnetic circuits, but of flesh and blood, of passions, of affections, of acts of heroism and generosity. Because we are human, made in the image and likeness of God, endowed with intelligence and free will. But this, the demons cannot understand: for this they will fail miserably.

And so that this day on which you publicly and courageously manifest your opposition to the impending tyranny does not remain sterile and devoid of supernatural light, I invite you all to recite with me the words that the Lord has taught us. Let us do it with fervor, with an impulse of charity, invoking the protection of Our Lord and His Most Holy Mother on all of us, on our families, on our homeland and on the whole world:
Our Father, who art in heaven …

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