France: Abuse Hoax Falls Apart

From Lettre de Paix liturgique (October 14).

• In October 2021, the French bishops published a report on homosexual abuse in the Church from 1946 to the present day, which spoke of an alleged 330,000 victims.

• Yet, one year later, there are less than 1500 unconfirmed applications for compensation, of which only 40 have been approved so far (25 from dioceses; 15 from religious congregations).

• 1000 of these unconfirmed applications concern dioceses, schools, scouts.

• 500 unconfirmed applications concern religious congregations.

Picture: KTO, #newsHgefnhqkph

Malki Tzedek
People remember the smear and slander and rarely remember the refutation and exoneration. It is the most evil aspect of a lie.
Sancte Teotónio
Yup the protestants lies are the example of that.