Vatican Money Went Four Times to Australia

The Australian (October 22) revealed that two million Australian (?) dollars were wired from the Secretariat of State “to Australia” between early 2017 and mid-2018.

The transfers were allegedly “unauthorised.” No report could ever say to whom the money was sent.

The first transfer ($415’000) was made in February 2017, the second in May 2017, the third in December 2017, and the third in June 2018.

Journalists claim that the money was used to influence the Pell trial, but so far, no evidence for this has been put forward.

Picture: © Mazur, CatholicNews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHyjkwwdzwd

One thing is certain. The "unauthorized" Vatican money was NOT sent to pay for the legal expenses and defense of Cardinal Pell.