Kelly Latimore, the author of Floyd's blasphemous painting, also sells fake 'icons' and candles of gay activists

Again it is proven that this apostate sect that is attacking the Catholic Church is a sect of Marxist homosexual activists.

"Kelly Latimore, a St. Louis activist and artist, created the painting that hangs in the law school."

In an April interview, Latimore explained how the painting came about.

“It was commissioned by my partner Evie Schoenherr as a way to mourn George Floyd. In my first sketch, Mary was looking at the savior, but we ended up shifting her gaze to the viewer,” he said. “It was Evie’s idea. That subtle shift was powerful. It wasn’t focusing on the death, which was horrible, but the viewer, and guiding us to communal thought and prayer and action.”

The Apostate John Garvey, president of the "Catholic" University of America, defends the sacrilegious painting in which the Marxist icon George Floyd replaces Jesus Christ