Davos Oligarchs to Rub Shoulders with Shamans

Business and political oligarchs meeting at Davos’ World Economic Forum, Switzerland, this month will explore the opportunities for personal and business growth in drugs, Bloomberg has reported.

Next weekend, the oligarchs arriving in Switzerland, will get a chance to stop at the ‘House of Psychedelics’ along the Davos promenade and “inquire about how they might be able to use psychedelics,” Marik Hazan, director of Tabula Rasa Ventures, a start-up incubator for psychedelic companies said.

The psychedelic showcase is a sign of the growing interest in still-illegal substances among the architects of “The Great Reset.”


Ik hoop dat ze erg veel drugs gaan gebruiken.
Blind men following other blind man .Only Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God is the Way the Truth and the life no one comes to the Father except by Him.
Louis IX
This is consistent with a former satanist’s claims dating back to these events to the late 90s. Padre Peregrino youtube channel has an interview with the man who was a grand wizard in their ‘church’ detailing encounters with world leaders where he was sought out.
They'll soon be off to their Mountain lair for the annual SPECTRE meeting in Davos, Switzerland from May 22 to 26.
Alex A
It tis that German Schwab again!