"Bergoglio caught in lies & coverup of Pedophile abuse in Argentina... Bergoglio has never officially responded to the charges" : Italian Critic & Art Historian Cionci

Nephew of late Argentine cardinal accuses Bergoglio of covering up homosexual abuse
Pope Francis attacked and stonewalled sex abuse victims while archbishop of Buenos Aires

Then-Cardinal Bergoglio led a campaign to discredit victims of a celebrity priest in Argentina.

Although Francis famously claimed in his 2010 book On Heaven and Earth that sex abuse by clergy “has never occurred in my diocese” and “in the diocese it never happened to me,” the evidence to date indicates that Pope Francis is involved in multiple cover-ups of clerical sexual predators in South America, including his own archdiocese. His involvement in at least two of these cases has continued during his papacy.

Cdl. Bergoglio made false claim in 2010 interview
JANUARY 19, 2022 Fromrome

Editor’s Note: This news is explosive. Published 11 days ago on Youtube in Italian/English subtitles, but unseen but by all than 350. This video was produced and published in German, in the very month the truth of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation being invalid, was trumpeted by Msgr. Bux.

Now three years later, all the dirty laundry hidden for 9 years in Buenos Aires is out for show. And Bergoglio is caught twice, lying about.


by Andrea Cionci

In 2018, the German state televistion channel ZDF broadcast a troubling documentary by Martin Boudot, entitled, “The Code of Silence”, which was never translated in any other language. Now, the YouTube Channel, Domina TV Multilingual has provided an Italian and English subtitled version which we have presented (here above). (This German version was itself a retransmission of the original 2016 French Documentary entitled, “CASH Investigation”, which got over 2 million views.)

The video affirms that Bergoglio, while Archbishop of Buenos Aires, not only totally ignored and refused to receive 7 persons abused by priests, but even promoted — by attempting to influence the judgement of the Argentine Court of Appeals — a powerful defense of the pedophile, priest, Fr. Julio Caesar Grassi (Biography, here in Spanish), who was condemend to 15 years in prison for abusing minors (boys and girls) who were 9-17 years of age. Grassi remains imprisoned in Argentina til this day.

Up until today, not withstanding the documentary and being petitioned, Bergoglio has never officially responded to the charges. Why does the Vatican Press Office not take charge of this matter, instead of arranging “visits and surprises”, as we demonstrated the other day regarding his visit to a CD shop.

The weighty documentary begins with an interview with Fr. Zollner, a counsellor of Bergoglio in matters of child abuse, and shows how “papa Francesco” did not take sufficiently severe steps with those Cardinals who are “attracted” to the phenomenon of abuse, “perhaps because,” as the narrator of the documentary says , “he himself has been accused in his own land, Argentina, many years before his election.”

As proof, the documentary then cites a passage from the book length interview, entitled, “Il Cielo e la Terra” (*Heaven and Earth”), co-written by Bergoglio and Rabbi Abraham Skorka. I checked the Italian version to confirm the citation, on p. 38, where Bergoglio confronts the question of pedophilia and assures us:

“That the celibate consequently become a pedophile is excluded. More than 70% of the cases of pedophilia occure in the context of the family or relatives: grandfathers, uncles, close male relatives, neighbors. The problem is not bound to celibacy. If a priest is a pedophile, he is such before becoming a priest. And yet, when this happens, one need not make believe that it’s not happening. One cannot remain in a position of power and destroy the life of another person. This has never happened in my diocese, but on one occasion a Bishop telephoned me to ask me what he ought to do in a situation of this kind, and I told him to take away the faculties of the one accused in this matter, to not permit him to exercise the priesthood, and to start a canonical process in the tribunal which oversaw his own diocese.”

Are we sure of that? The documentary maker, Boudat, thus made his way to Buenos Aires, where he met with 7 victims abused by priests of the Archdiocese: 5 women and two men. Having been questioned about the statement made by Bergoglio in the cited book, they responded: “He wants the people to believe him. But it is a lie!” The journalist interviewing them asks, “Who of you attempted to contact Bergoglio when he was the Archbishop?” “All of us”, they respond. And, “Which of you have received a response” “None of us. He receives all the celebrities, like Leonardo di Caprio, he opens doors and yet for us not even a short note to tell us that he was sorry to hear of it”. “I do not expect anything from him”, said one woman, “I do not believe in him. I have suffered much and I am very disappointed”. A young woman of 35 years confesses, in tears: “Everyone told me: ‘Write him! He is obliged to answer’, but nothing, I have suffered and now I am very disappointed.”

But the documentary does not end there. “As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, pope Francis was apparently deaf to the anguish of these victims, but what was worse, he deliberately attempted, in an other case regarding other victims, to divert justice, as some believe. The case is that of Fr. Julio Caesar Grassi, the biggest pedophile scandal in Argentina”.

This Grassi, a media personality who was always in the spot light, ran a huge orphanage until some of the children there denounced him for sexual abuse. Grassi was condemned to prison for 15 years and is still behind bars.

The Episcopal Conference of Argentina mobilized a defense of this priest-abuser and, as the defense attorney for the children, Attorney Gallego explains, this Conference commissioned in 2010 the famous attorney Sancinelli, from Buenos Aires,to undertake an huge counter-intestigation, filling 4 volumes, and totally to 2800 pages, with the purpose of defending Grassi. In the four tomes of that work, entitled, “A study on the case of Fr. Grassi”, the children were accused of lying, deceit, falsifications, and of having a dubious sexual orientation and that hence the priest should be absolved of the charges on appeal.

One paragraph speaks clearly: the work was commissioned in 2010, “on the initiative of the Argentine Episocopal Conference, in particular, by its then president Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, today, His Holiness, Pope Francis”,

“Hence, the pope”, as the documentary continues to say, “commissioned a counter-investigation to absolve a priest who has already been condemned for pedophilia and Bergoglio, the future pope, sent it with the most astute timing, to the Court of Appeals before the case of Fr. Grassi was heard on appeal.”

This matter was confirmed by the ex-magistrate of the Court of Appeals, Carlos Mariquez, today a judge serving on the Supreme Court of Argentina, who admits: “Yes, I did receive this counter-investigation. It is a sort of police-fiction story, in some areas biased and in others extremely biased, clearly in favor of Fr. Grassi. They were trying to exercise a subtle form of pressure on us judges“.

One of the young men, who was abused, then recounts how he suffered threats, thefts and home invasions, so much so that he had to be put in a witness protection program. The young man affirms, “I will never forget that which Fr. Grassi said throughout the case: ‘Bergoglio has never stopped holding my hand.’ Now Bergoglio is pope Francis, and he has never spoken contrary to the words of Grassi, so I am sure that he has never stopped holding the hand of Grassi”.

For eight months the documentary-makers attempted to have an audience with Bergoglio, without success, and so they attempted directly in the Piazza of St. Peter’s, during a public audience. They asked him, “Your Holiness, did you attempt to influence justice in Argentina in the case of Grassi? Why did you commission a counter investigation?”

“I did nothing of the kind”, responds Bergoglio, denying everything and turning back away from them.

In sum, this documentary, which was broadcast on public television in Germany, is truly news worthy.

The sole error (which perhaps is a consolation to the faithful) which is contained in this video, but which those journalists could not have known at the time, is this: Bergoglio is NOT the pope, but a bishop-usurper, because His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI has been exiled in an impeded see (canon 412), remaining the sole Roman Pontiff, and can be verified from the 60 chapters in our investigation, here.

la verdad prevalece
The article Bergoglio's pawns published back in Dec 26, 2011 by the Catholic journalist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña describe Bergoglio's tactic of promoting his accomplices and getting rid of his opponents. It even describes how Bergoglio would maliciously and vindictively slander good priests to discredit them.

Bergoglio's Pawns:

Cardinal Bergoglio known how to tell lies with half-…More
The article Bergoglio's pawns published back in Dec 26, 2011 by the Catholic journalist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña describe Bergoglio's tactic of promoting his accomplices and getting rid of his opponents. It even describes how Bergoglio would maliciously and vindictively slander good priests to discredit them.

Bergoglio's Pawns:

Cardinal Bergoglio known how to tell lies with half-truths – or inflated, or disguised as appropriate in each case. But he does not hesitate, when necessary to lies plain and simple” De la Cigoña Dec 26, 2011