Former Benedict XVI Refused to Change Coat of Arms

Benedict XVI keeps being a victim of his own ambiguities.

Andrea Cionci refers on LiberoQuotidiano.it (December 7) to Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo (+2017), a heraldist, who designed Benedict XVI’s coat of arms in 2005.

After his resignation, Montezemolo offered to change the coat of arms because a retired pope can no longer use symbols that indicate jurisdiction. But Ratzinger replied that he preferred not to assume any new coat of arms because he planned not to use the coat of arms anymore.

Nevertheless, since 2018, Archbishop Gänswein started using Benedict’s coat of arms again although as Prefect of the Pontifical House he is supposed to display Bergoglio's.

Cionci concludes that heraldry is a clear and precise official language which for him confirms that "the pope is only Benedict XVI."


That isn't an ambiguity. If he decided not to use ANY coat of arms then he doesn't need a new one. The heraldist is just butthurt he couldn't bill the Vatican for more work.
John A Cassani
How is he a “victim of his own ambiguities?”
Maybe one day we will know the whole story
Roberto 55
for sure
Pope Benedict consecrate Russia!
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Because historical facts change because of the author's ethnicity. You always make the same mistakes. Every. Single. Time. Pic related.
None of which changes the Bolsheviks' membership numbers: 78.3% of the Bolsheviks were Russian. If the president of the US and a few members of congress are Catholic that doesn't make America a Catholic country or America's government Catholic.

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