The BIG Question: What Is a Woman?

Alex Antic, a liberal Senator for South Australia asked the Australian Department of Health in early April the question what a woman is.

A cough and about 15 seconds of silence followed. In the bonkers Western regimes, it is political suicide to ask such a question or even to answer it. Mental derangement.


Ludo Adriaensens
"In the same way, the women are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything." - 1 Timothy 3:11
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Useful idiots
Alex A
Useless idiots would be a better characterisation.
Roberto 55
🤑 Bunch of hypocrites and woke-ists and conformists and they are afraid to say who or what they are....
Probably if they'll be asked whether they have a nose between the eyes, the answer will be: " I am not sure"...
Those medical experts are fools and cowards ,no sympathy for them
People should start demanding that their doctors and medical practitioners will properly articulate and state publicly what a woman or man is, or otherwise we will refuse being their patients. Maybe when medical professionals start loosing patients and revenue they will re-think their woke-ism.
Alex A
Or maybe, "who nos[e]"