Confusionist Francis Blabs He Cracked Down On Mass B/O US, Switzerland, France

Francis imposed Traditionis Custodes to restore the "unity of the Church" by fighting against an "ideology that he feared would appear particularly in the US, Switzerland, and a little in France,” he told a second group of French Bishops during a September 23 Ad Limina audience.

The statement is grotesque as TC had no effect in Switzerland, and little in the US and France. Lyon Archbishop de Germay, 61, and Paris Archbishop Aupetit, 70, spoke with FamilleChretienne.fr about the meeting.

Aupetit asked Francis if Mass and Eucharist may be celebrated in the same church. Francis answered in the affirmative - contradicting TC.

Evidently to fool his interlocutors, he now claimed that "the bishops are responsible" for cracking down on the Mass - again contradicting TC. Germay who seems not interested in becoming a cardinal informed Francis that "in Amoris Laetitia, you invite us to take into account the diversity of situations. Here, we should do the same thing." Francis was forced to agree - denying TC for the third time.

Aupetit, who wants to become a cardinal, cracked down on the Mass in September, creating problems where there were none.

The video below shows 200 (!) young Catholics whom Aupetit left without Mass and who now pray the rosary on Wednesdays in Saint François-Xavier Parish at the time when the forbidden Mass used to take place.


Jan Joseph
Onze Heilige Vader, paus Franciscus, is uitstekend geschikt om als kluizenaar op een onbewoond eiland te wonen. In de omgeving van mensen krijgt hij teveel prikkels en zegt dan de vreemdste dingen.
The Catholic Faith is growing in America so I cracked down on it.
atreverse pensar
The faith of always is not ideology.
The old heresies of the 2VC are.