Catholic Tanzania: No Need of Covid-19 Vaccines

Tanzania’s health minister Dorothy Gwajima announced on February 1 that the country has no need of vaccines and “no plans to receive them.”

Tanzania has 60 million people. Any vaccines must receive ministerial approval. Gwajima explained that Tanzania is safe, and encouraged to eat healthy food, improve hygiene practices, use sanitisers, and steam inhalation.

Days before, Catholic President John Magufuli called the vaccines dangerous and unnecessary saying that “God will protect” the nation.

In March, Magufuli decided NOT to close down churches. He encouraged people to go to work and attend places of worship.

Tanzania is one of only three countries worldwide that don’t participate in the Covid-19 hysteria and don’t release “infection data.” The others are Turkmenistan and North Korea. The oligarchs' Wikipedia is now accusing Tanzania of "Covid-19 denial."

Picture: Dorothy Gwajima, #newsByruaesmks

I think they have already meet Bill Gates? Blessed Country. Sweet Mother Mary spread your mantle over them!