The Vatican promotes apostasy and a global religion

Miles Christi - 05/18/2020

Project of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi

"In communion with Pope Francis, the Argentine Episcopal Conference endorses and cordially invites you to join Leaders and Religious Communities present in our country, to the Prayer for Humanity to be held on May 14."

This is an automatic translation. If you understand Spanish, I advise you to read the original article, with its 47 footnotes:

El Vaticano promueve la apostasía y una religión global

This is how the communiqué of the Argentine Episcopal Conference of May 5 reads regarding the invitation of Francis to join the proposal made by the High Committee for Human Fraternity to dedicate that day to prayer and fasting, so that God may a term for the “pandemic” that supposedly plagues humanity. The statement quotes Francisco's message:

More about Francis: "2013-2022: Nine Years With Francis"

“I have accepted the proposal of the High Committee for Human Fraternity so that next May 14th, believers of all religions will unite spiritually in a day of prayer, fasting and works of charity to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic.”

In saying that he "accepts" the proposal of the "High Committee", Bergoglio takes us for fools. Let us explain. What is that "High Committee"? It is an organization formed in August 2019, at the request of Francisco and the Great Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb, to promote the objectives contained in the Document on the Human Fraternity for World Peace and Common Coexistence, signed by both in February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, and chaired by Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

The mission of this “Committee” is to implement the new global religion of the “Human Fraternity” conceived by Bergoglio, who skillfully uses the Great Imam as a partner to mislead a little, avoiding that the focus is exclusively on him and the Vatican. And by the way, what better than a member of the numerous and wealthy Islamic community to start recruiting "believers" from other "religious traditions", and thus give credibility and legitimacy hints to their global religion plan.

In this document the following can be read: "Pluralism and diversity of religion, color, sex, race and language are the expression of a wise divine will, with which God created human beings." Which is not only false, but, above all, heretical and blasphemous.

A short time later, on September 5, in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, on the occasion of an inter-religious meeting, Francisco would repeat the same blasphemy:

“Thank you for being present the different religious confessions. Thank you for encouraging you to live the challenge of peace and to celebrate it together as a family today; Also to those who, without being part of any religious tradition, are participating. It is to make the experience that we are all necessary, with our differences, but necessary. Our differences are necessary.”

The "High Committee" had its first official meeting in New York, in September last year. I quote the agency's website:

“On September 20, 2019, members of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity met with religious, political, and social leaders to begin our interfaith journey toward a more peaceful future for all. This Celebration of Human Brotherhood focused on curiosity and dialogue as a means of promoting acceptance and tolerance among people of good will with different beliefs, cultures and traditions. This event was only the first Celebration of Human Brotherhood. As the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity continues its work to realize the aspirations of the Document on Human Fraternity, future events and activities will involve additional leaders and audiences around the world.”

Let us now see what the "High Committee" -that is, Bergoglio, through his page, Cardinal Ayuso- says in his "Call to Prayer" on May 2:

“To achieve the objectives of the Document of Human Fraternity, the Supreme Committee proposes next Thursday, May 14, as a day of prayer and supplication for humanity. The Committee calls on all religious leaders and people around the world to respond to this humanitarian appeal and to come to the Almighty with one voice to preserve humanity, help it to overcome the pandemic, and restore security, stability, health and development, to make our world, after the end of this pandemic, more human and fraternal than ever.”

As for the substance, the underlying idea is the same as that of John Paul II when he called the “Inter-religious Days of Assisi”, that is, that all the “religions”, by themselves, are valid and effective means of addressing God, since the "Spirit" works in them.

To illustrate this, I quote what he said at his General Audience on September 9, 1998:

“From this primordial opening of man with respect to God, different religions are born. Not infrequently, in its origin we find founders who have carried out, with the help of the Spirit of God, a deeper religious experience. This experience, transmitted to others, has taken shape in the doctrines, in the rites and in the precepts of the various religions. In all authentic religious experiences the most characteristic manifestation is prayer. Taking into account the constitutive openness of the human spirit to the action with which God urges him to transcend himself, we can affirm that all authentic prayer is aroused by the Holy Spirit, who is mysteriously present in the heart of every man. At the World Day of Prayer for Peace, on October 27, 1986 in Assisi, and on other similar occasions of great spiritual intensity, we experienced an eloquent manifestation of this truth.”

It goes without saying that this is pure modernism, that is, pantheistic and evolutionary gnosis clothed in a "Christian" language, in the vein of a Hegel, a Teilhard de Chardin or a Rahner. God resides a priori in the depths of human consciousness, in a "transcendental" way, and from the individual mystical experience that results from this divine presence, the various religions emerge, a posteriori, explained in the conceptual "categories" specific to each culture, those that more or less faithfully reflect that common primordial experience. Hence the legitimacy and necessity of the different "religious traditions". All are authentic channels to access the "divinity" underlying our psyche.

As we can see, the plan of world religious unification that Bergoglio strives to realize began 34 years ago with Wojtyla, who was the first conciliar pope to put into practice on a large scale the false ecumenical-modernist principles set forth in the CVII subversive documents.

Since then, all the praxis and the ecumenical-interreligious “pastoral” of the Vatican look to the realization of this globalist enterprise. Bergoglio is but the last link in an unbroken chain of modernist ecclesiastics committed to the implementation of this objective, all of whom have availed themselves Machiavellian and unscrupulously of the great prestige and immense moral authority that the supreme pontificate confers on them.

I will give two clarifying quotes below. This was said by Francisco in his Pope Video of January 2016:

“Many think differently, feel differently, seek God or find God in a different way. In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty that we have for everyone: we are all children of God.”

Francis' "only certainty" is that we are all "children of God"

Bergoglio says that there is "only one certainty." But this is problematic, to use an understatement. For starters, the Creed has twelve articles. In addition, there are many dogmas of faith that are not contained in it. And to fill the measure of the absurd, precisely the only certainty that it boasts of possessing turns out to be one hundred percent false. I will go even further, daring to affirm that it is a colossal lie, given that it is impossible for a priest, a Jesuit religious -with the intense intellectual training that this implies-, after becoming bishop, cardinal and finally "pope", to ignore the Church doctrine in this regard.

He would not have lied if he had said: "I, Jorge Bergoglio, have this unique certainty in religious matters: that all men are children of God." This belief that he has the gall to publicly state, in an official Vatican document, in which he does not speak as a private person, but as an alleged Sovereign Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Vicar of Jesus Christ, reflects fully the Gnostic-Pantheistic doctrine that professes.

Bergoglio, then, would not miss the truth, arguing that this is the only certainty he has, since it is clear that, for those who adhere to modernist gnosis, that is the reality. Such people are persuaded that the vital immanence of the divinity that lies deep in the human psyche is the only truth, and that all conceptual theorizations and dogmatic statements of positive religions are mere attempts -limited, imperfect, and provisional-, to express the primitive mystical experience of human consciousness.

That is why all the promoters of conciliar ecumenism look only for the "unity" of the "believers", relativizing and leaving in the background what concerns the dogmatics of each established "religion". This is also why Wojtyla and Ratzinger can happily invite all heretics, schismatics, and idolaters on the planet to congregate in Assisi for the purpose of publicly practicing their false cults, their false liturgies, and their false beliefs to obtain from God "peace in the world". False cults invited by none other than those who are supposed to be the "Vicars of Christ" on earth, who comfort them in their mistakes by conferring public recognition on their false religions. Seeing is believing…

This gnostic truth so clearly enunciated by Bergoglio puts things in their place: there is nothing for him that can be considered unchangeable in the established religions, not even in the Catholic, of course. And this is so because the dogmatic statements ("categorical", conceptual, a posteriori) of the primal life experience ("transcendental", not thematic, a priori), are susceptible to new reformulations, successive rethinking, ultimately, of evolution and of incessant transformation through the dialectical process of thesis / antithesis / synthesis that characterizes gnosis. Because the modernist is, by definition, a gnostic, although he does not explain it -be it by strategy, or by ignorance-, and a gnostic is, by definition, a pantheist and an evolutionist, simply because, according to this doctrine, "God becomes" through the evolutionary process of the cosmos, mainly in that of the human being.

Francis has referred to the issue of religious certainty and the mutability of dogmas on other occasions. Let's see some of them:

"It is not necessary to think that the evangelical announcement should always be transmitted with certain learned formulas, or with precise words that express an absolutely invariable content."

“This seeking and finding God in all things always leaves room for uncertainty. You must quit. If a person says that he has found God with total certainty and does not touch a margin of uncertainty, something is wrong. I have this for an important key. If one has answers to all the questions, we are before a proof that God is not with him. It means that he is a false prophet who uses religion for his own good. (...) The risk that exists, then, in seeking and finding God in all things, is the desire to be too explicit, to say with human certainty and arrogance: "God is here." In this way we would find only one God in our measure.”

“In its constant discernment, the Church can also come to recognize its own customs not directly linked to the nucleus of the Gospel, some deeply rooted throughout history, which today are no longer interpreted in the same way and whose message is usually not perceived adequately. They may be beautiful, but now they do not provide the same service in order to transmit the Gospel. Let's not be afraid to review them. Similarly, there are ecclesial norms or precepts that may have been very effective in other times but that no longer have the same educational force as channels of life.”

To demonstrate that the modernist infiltration at the top of the Church is long before Bergoglio, I will now supply a quote from Cardinal Montini from when he was still the Archbishop of Milan. It is necessary to understand that the cult of man, conceived as a god in evolutionary evolution, is characteristic of Luciferian gnosis -the "you will be like gods" of Genesis-, in any of its multiple variants -Cabbalistic, Hegelian, Teilhardian, etc.- and that the Vatican is governed by modernist gnostics since the election of Roncalli in October 1958. The ecumenical and inter-religious novelties introduced in the Church from that time on, practiced with absolute coherence and continuity by all the conciliar popes , they demonstrate it in a reliable way.

Cardinal Montini's quote is taken from a conference entitled Religion and Work, delivered on March 27, 1960 in Turin, at the Alfieri Theater, which can be read in the volume of the Documentation Catholique of the year 1960, on page 764, corresponding at number 133, and published on June 19, 1960. I give the reference in great detail for those who could not believe their eyes, and not without reason, to the point that their statements are dismaying.

Here are the words of the one who three years later would become “pope” and who in 1965 would issue the revolutionary documents of the CVII:

"Will not modern man one day, as his scientific studies progress and discover laws and realities hidden under the mute face of matter, listen to the wonderful voice of the spirit that throbs in it? Is not that the religion of tomorrow? Einstein himself foresaw the spontaneity of a religion of the universe.”

The spirit that "throbs" in matter, the "religion of tomorrow", which would be a "cosmic religion", a "religion of the universe": here are the foundations of the Teilhardian evolutionary gnosis, with the cult of man on the way to divinization. As if this were not enough, that a cardinal of the Church invokes in religious matters the authority of a socialist Jew who claimed a "cosmic religiosity" founded on the contemplation of the structure of the Universe, compatible with positivist science and refractory to all dogma or belief, it is to be stunned.

When Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein asked him in 1929, "Do you believe in God?" Einstein replied:

"I believe in the God of Spinoza who reveals himself in the harmonious order of what exists, not in a God who cares about the destiny and actions of human beings."

And in a 1954 letter to the Jewish philosopher Eric Gutkind, Einstein wrote:

“For me, the word God is nothing but the expression and the fruit of human weaknesses and the Bible is a collection of legends, honorable indeed, but primitive and quite childish. And this is not changed by any interpretation, however subtle.”

Which is to say that the God of Einstein is none other than the Deus sive natura of the Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who in his pantheistic doctrine identified God with nature. Such is the "religion of the universe" that Einstein professed and that Cardinal Montini evokes with admiration in his conference, and in whom the future pontiff is inspired to predict a "religion of the future" destined to one day take the place of Christianity.

When it is thought that this man shortly afterwards would be elected Successor of Saint Peter, and that it is he who would later promulgate the CVII's novating documents, abolish the Catholic Mass, invent a new one with the contribution of "Protestant experts", and modify the ritual of all the sacraments, is like being petrified...

Here is another statement by Montini, being Paul VI, who is going in the same direction, delivered during the Angelus on February 7, 1971, on the occasion of a trip to the moon, and which constitutes a true hymn to man on the way to divinization:

"Honor to man, honor to thought, honor to science, honor to technique, honor to work, honor to human audacity; honor to the synthesis of scientific activity and the sense of organization of man who, unlike other animals, knows how to give his mind and hands instruments of conquest; honor to man, king of earth and today also prince of heaven.”

This cult of humanity and progress has been condemned numerous times by the magisterium. I quote an excerpt from Pius IX's encyclical Qui pluribus of 1846, followed by a proposition condemned in his Syllabus of 1864:

"With no less daring and deceit, Venerable Brothers, these enemies of divine revelation, exalt human progress and, recklessly and sacrilegiously, want to introduce it into the Catholic Religion, as if the Religion was not the work of God but of men or some Philosophical invention that is perfected with human methods.”

“V. Divine revelation is imperfect, and is therefore subject to continuous and indefinite progress corresponding to the progress of human reason.”

Pius IX is very clear about “progressives”: he uses the expression “enemies of divine revelation”. What better qualification could be found to designate a cardinal and archbishop of the Church who takes advantage of his eminent ecclesiastical dignity to spread the blasphemous and heretical idea that a supposed "religion of tomorrow" will one day supplant Catholicism? This man is called Giovanni Battista Montini. To him -in the company of his mentor, the promoter of the "aggiornamento" of the Church, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli- owes the CVII, the destruction of the Roman liturgy and the terrible crisis that has plagued the Church for more than half a century.

Returning to Bergoglio, and his statement that the "only certainty" we have is that "we are all children of God." This supposes that divine grace is inherent in human nature, which is, as we have already seen, a pantheistic conception of things, in which the distinction between Creator and creatures and between nature and grace is abolished. Which obviously has devastating consequences for Christianity and for biblical revelation, since the basic notions of creation, original sin, redemption, condemnation, salvation, etc., are automatically devoid of meaning.

To conclude, countless passages from Sacred Scripture or from documents of the Magisterium of the Church that prove the fallacious character of this Bergoglian assertion could be cited. For the sake of brevity, we will limit ourselves to giving just one appointment. Let us read, then, what the Holy Spirit has made known to us in this regard, through the beloved disciple, in the prologue of his Gospel:

“He came to his own, and his own received him not. But to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave authority to become children of God; which are not begotten of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” (Jn. 1, 11-13)

After this prolonged but necessary digression, let us now return to our "High Committee". This Bergoglian entelechy met on September 20, 2019 in New York, where it announced the project of an Abrahamic Family House to be built in Abu Dhabi, which will include a church, a synagogue and a mosque, funded by the Emirati government, whose inauguration is scheduled for the year 2022:

“The three different places of worship will be united by unique foundations and located within a garden: an image of great importance for each of the three main religions of the world.”

In this regard, Cardinal Ayuso, who chairs the committee, stated that “this effort constitutes a profoundly moving moment for humanity. Although, unfortunately, evil, hatred and differences often grab the news headlines, there is a hidden sea of goodness that grows and nurtures our hope in dialogue, mutual knowledge and the possibility of building, from the hand of faithful of other religions and with all men and women of good will, a world of brotherhood and peace.”

On the website of the “High Committee” it is explained to us that “the House of the Abrahamic Family will be a beacon of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence and peace between people of faith and goodwill. It consists of a mosque, church, synagogue, and educational center (…) Through its design, it captures the shared values between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and also serves as a powerful platform to inspire and foster understanding and acceptance among people of good will.”

Cardinal Ayuso himself sent Muslims a warm greeting for Ramadan on April 17:

“Dear Muslim brothers and sisters: The month of Ramadan is central to your religion and therefore very dear to you on a personal, family and social level. It is a time of healing and spiritual growth, of sharing with the poor, of strengthening ties with relatives and friends. For us, your Christian friends, it is an auspicious moment to further strengthen our relationships with you, greeting you, getting to know you this time and, when possible, sharing an iftar with you. Ramadan and 'Jd al-Fitr are therefore special occasions to foster brotherhood between Christians and Muslims. In this spirit, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue offers you its best wishes for prayer and its sincere congratulations.”

In Ayuso's partial defense for his aberrant message, which confirms the infidels in their mistakes by legitimizing their idolatrous worship, it is worth noting that this type of congratulations sent by the Vatican to the "great religious traditions" of the planet on the occasion of its "festivities religious "is something that has been practiced for decades, in accordance with false ecumenism, false religious freedom and the fallacious" interreligious dialogue", surreptitiously introduced into the Church by modernists in the documents Unitatis Redintegratio, Dignitatis Humanae and Nostra Aetate of the CVII and then widely developed in the subsequent "conciliar magisterium", until it ended in the abominable and impious inter-religious meetings of Assisi, successively called by Wojtyla, Ratzinger and Bergoglio.

On the other hand, the "High Committee" proposed to the UN that on February 4, the date on which the Abu Dhabi agreement was signed, it should be proclaimed World Day of Human Fraternity, which will surely play the role of central party of the new "humanist cult" in the process of implementation, and of which it is possible to foresee that Bergoglio himself will be in charge of "spiritual animation":

"To achieve the objectives contained in the Document on Human Fraternity, the members of the Superior Committee delivered to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, a message from Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, in which they propose that February 4 be declared World Day of Human Fraternity. February 4 is the day that the Document on Human Brotherhood for World Peace and Coexistence was signed in Abu Dhabi by the Pontiff and the Muslim leader Al-Tayyeb, celebrated from February 3 to 5, 2019.”

Naturally, for the “celebration of humanity” to be complete, it could not miss its “world summit”, it is not going to be a matter of leaving some fringes loose on the project and that people do not finish understanding it properly: it will be necessary "officially" adjust the organizational parameters of the new cult, to give it credibility and legitimacy before public opinion, and establish appropriate communication about its content and its objectives, to persuade the refractories of the benefits that the monster has:

"Cardinal Ayuso and Muhammad Abd al Salam, representing the Higher Committee (...), met yesterday in New York with the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, to propose that it be declared February 4 World Fraternity Day Human. (…) They gave Guterres a copy of the message signed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, in which the United Nations is asked to participate in the near future, together with the Holy See and Al-Azhar, in the organization, of a World Summit of Human Fraternity.”

It is uplifting to know that the Secretary General's reaction to the Bergoglian proposal was positive, and it is reassuring to learn that it will be no less than the "High Inquisitor Onusino" against Hate Speech who will be in charge of planning and executing such a meritorious company: recalcitrant people can be forewarned...

“António Guterres expressed his appreciation and availability for the initiative, stressing the importance of working at the service of all humanity. In addition, he appointed Adama Dieng, United Nations Secretary General's Special Adviser for Hate Speech and the Prevention of Genocide, as the representative of the United Nations to follow the proposed activities and collaborate with the Higher Committee.”

To this project aimed at the unification of the world's religions, Francis added, on September 12, 2019, that of the unification of education, without religious, political or cultural distinctions. He did so through a message in which he invited the launch of the Global Educational Pact, to be held in Rome, on May 14. The appointment was postponed to the month of October, due to the coronavirus, but the date released was quickly covered by the Day of Prayer and Fasting for Humanity convened by the "High Committee" of Bergoglio.

In the announcement message of September 12, Francisco affirms that the objective is to renew "the passion for a more open and inclusive education, capable of patient listening, constructive dialogue and mutual understanding"; that social changes need “an educational path that involves everyone; that it is necessary to “build a village of education where the commitment to generate a network of human and open relationships is shared in diversity”; and this educational alliance must be a source of "peace, justice and welcome among all the peoples of the human family, as well as of dialogue between religions."

Here are some key expressions used by Bergoglio in his speech:

Challenges that challenge us - more open and inclusive education - building the future of the planet - maturing a new universal solidarity - building an education village - placing the person at the center - everything is intimately connected - rejecting the culture of discard - compose a new humanism - dynamics that give meaning to history - initiate transformation processes - cultivate the dream of a solidarity humanism.

We are before the same naturalistic vocabulary, before the classic humanistic and evolutionary phraseology used systematically by Bergoglio, lacking supernatural vision and Christian specificity. A Masonic project advocating for social peace and human brotherhood would not be essentially distinguished from the educational project devised by the alleged Vicar of Christ on earth.

This project is already horizontal and immanent, but which, to make matters worse -if this is possible- also includes the participation, among others, of representatives of the different world religions and of the various international organizations, the latter, all secularists with a Masonic background, as is well known.

Indeed, in the communiqué of March 3 in which the Congregation for Catholic Education announced the postponement of the event, we are informed that the Global Educational Pact "is not limited to school and academic institutions but, with the conviction that the educational commitment must be shared by all, involves representatives of religions, international organizations and various humanitarian institutions, from the academic, economic, political and cultural world.”

This Educational Pact has a precedent in the Scholas Occurrentes, the "Schools for Encounter", an organization of pontifical law, an international network of schools created by Francisco in August 2013, present in 190 countries and with more than 400,000 educational centers.

It is a secular educational institution, "neutral" in religious matters, which works actively together with the UN and UNICEF globalists and Freemasons. A teaching in which Jesus Christ is conspicuous by his absence and in which "human values" are taught, such as "encounter", "diversity", "environmental awareness", "non-discrimination", etc.

The emblem of Scholas Ocurrentes is the Olive Tree of Peace, whose plantation worldwide is promoted with the aim of promoting respect for "cultural and interfaith diversity", through the "Campaign of the Olive Tree", both real and virtual, at artistic and sports events. Scholas is dedicated to conducting "values awareness" campaigns, spreading "peace in the world" and promoting educational networks of "all cultures, beliefs and modalities."

Contrary to what one might imagine, the objective of this educational organization of a pontifical nature is not the evangelization of youth: Jesus Christ is not mentioned even once on its website. It explains to us that:

“From its beginnings, Pope Francis dreamed of Scholas as the possibility of giving a concrete answer to the call of this time, conferring on him the task of educating in openness to the other, in listening to the pieces of an atomized and empty world of sense, start creating a new culture: the Culture of Encounter.”

Let's see what Francisco said to the students of the “Schools for the Encounter” by video-conference in September 2014:

"I encourage you to continue working to create this humane, increasingly humane village that offers children a present of peace and a future of hope... There are two opposite things that can be done in life: build bridges or build walls. The walls separate, divide. Bridges get closer (…) With this communication, no one rules, but everything works: it is the spontaneity of life, it is saying yes to life (…), it is avoiding all forms of discrimination (…) I see that you know how to communicate from identity of the religion itself and that is nice (...) We are convinced that youth needs to communicate, show and share their values. Youth needs three key pillars: education, sport and culture. Sport saves from selfishness, helps not to be selfish. That is why it is important to work as a team, study as a team and walk the path of life as a team (…) Make the future! ”

As can be seen, Francisco's message is of a purely natural order, resembling more a “new age” self-help manual than an apostolic teaching: planting saplings of peace, organizing inter-religious soccer games, fighting youth unemployment, promoting dialogue between religions, promoting the "culture of encounter", creating a "human village" bearing peace and hope, fighting against "discrimination", "the future is in our hands", "sport saves us from selfishness" , "Let's walk through life as a team", "youth must make the future", "we build bridges, we don't build walls", "we communicate experiences", "let's enter into the spontaneity of life", etc.

That the Catholic education of children does not matter in the least to Francis is a fact of public knowledge, since he has no qualms about proclaiming it to the four winds.

Let's see what, while still the cardinal primate of Argentina, Bergoglio said in 2010 to Rabbi Skorka:

"Religion must be part of education at school, as one more element in the wide range that is provided in classrooms."

And then, in July 2013, to a journalist from Brazilian television during the WYD in Rio de Janeiro:

“If a child receives his education from Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or Jews, that doesn't interest me. What interests me is that they educate him and take away his hunger.”

Religious indifferentism constitutes the quintessence of the subversive, anti-Christian and Enlightenment ideology of Freemasonry and of its various UN and Right-Humanist subsidiaries. Indifferentism that in modern times adopts the figure of the "principle of secularism", under the pretext of the supposed "neutrality" that the State must observe in matters of worship, as well as the fallacious religious "neutrality" of the school and the university in childhood and youth education.

Now, it is in this impious school "neutrality", in this abominable "secular" teaching, in this indifference of principle towards Jesus Christ and towards true religion, that the Bergoglian project of the network of "Schools for the encounter" is based. We are not afraid to err if we forecast that his pretentious "Global Educational Pact" will not depart one iota from this false principle, although surely adding an ecumenical formation in "interreligious dialogue" and "culture of encounter"...

This religious indifferentism and moral relativism that Francisco professes is also reflected in the following statements, which I quote so that there are no doubts about it:

“Proselytizing is a solemn folly, it doesn't make sense. It is necessary to know each other, listen to each other and make the knowledge of the world around us grow. It happens to me that after an encounter I want to have another because new ideas are born and new needs are discovered. This is important, getting to know each other, listening, expanding the frame of thoughts.”

“Our objective is not proselytizing, but listening to needs, desires, disappointments, despair, and hope. We must give hope to the young, help the old, open ourselves to the future, spread love. Poor among the poor. We must include the excluded and preach peace.”

“Every human being has his own vision of good and evil. Our task is to encourage him to follow the path that he considers good (...) I do not hesitate to repeat it: each one has his own conception of good and evil, and each one must choose to follow good and fight evil according to his own idea. That would be enough to change the world.”

Regarding secularism, on March 1, 2016, in a meeting with the Poissons Roses, French socialists who declared themselves "of Christian inspiration", Francis said the following:

"Your secularism is incomplete. France must become a more secular country. A healthy laicity is needed... A healthy laicity includes an openness to all forms of transcendence, according to the different religious and philosophical traditions. Furthermore, even an atheist can have an interiority.”

Francisco thus claims all forms of “spirituality”, whatever it may be, to the point of even claiming that of atheists, attributing to the State the role of guarantor of this alleged “religious freedom” that would be a source of wealth for society.

On July 27, 2013, during a speech addressed to the ruling class in Brazil, Francisco praised the laicity of the State and religious pluralism in these terms:

“The contribution of the great religious traditions is fundamental, they play a fruitful role of ferment in the social life and animation of democracy. The peaceful coexistence between the different religions is benefited by the secularism of the State, which, without assuming any confessional position as its own, respects and values the presence of the religious factor in society, favoring their specific expressions.”

And on May 16, 2016, during an interview agreed to the traditional daily (ex) Catholic La Croix, Francisco argued that “the State must be secular. Denominational states end badly. It is something that goes against history.”

It is really painful -and, to tell the truth, totally surreal- for a simple layman, having to continually refute the fallacies uttered by the supposed "Vicar of Christ". Let us simply say, circumscribing ourselves to this last appointment, that the politically organized society, that is, the State, must profess the true religion and conform to its laws: it is divine revelation and the ecclesiastical magisterium who teach it to us. On the other hand, if the Catholic States have "ended badly", in the only sense that they have disappeared, this is not due at all to their Catholicism, but to the incessant attacks by their enemies, both external and internal. Finally, saying that the confessional states "go against history", Francis professes a philosophically and theologically aberrant historical determinism, since it denies the freedom of man and, above all, that of divine Providence, thus falling into a pantheistic gnosis and evolutionary similar to those of Hegel and Teilhard de Chardin.

I will limit myself to citing just two passages from the magisterium to demonstrate the radical falsity of the Bergoglian declarations, as well as of the conciliar declaration Dignitatis Humanae, by the way. This is what Leo XIII says in his encyclical Inmortale Dei, from 1885:

"Built on these principles, it is evident that the State has the duty to fulfill through public worship the numerous and important obligations that unite it with God. Natural reason, which commands each man to worship God piously and holy, because we depend on Him, and because, having left Him, we must return to Him, imposes the same obligation on civil society. […] The State has a strict obligation to admit divine worship in the way that God himself has wished to be venerated. It is, therefore, a grave obligation of the authorities to honor the holy name of God. Among their main obligations they must place the obligation to favor religion, defend it effectively, place it under the protection of the laws, not legislate anything that is contrary to its non-compliance.” § 3

The second quote is taken from Quas Primas, the encyclical by which Pius XI instituted the Solemnity of Christ the King in 1925:

"The celebration of this feast, which will be renewed every year, will also teach nations that the duty to worship publicly and obey Jesus Christ not only obliges individuals, but also magistrates and rulers. These will be brought to mind by the thought of the final judgment, when Christ, not so much for having been thrown out of the government of the State but also for having just been ignored or belittled, will terribly avenge all these injuries; for its royal dignity demands that the entire society conform to divine commandments and Christian principles, pray in establishing laws, pray in administering justice, pray finally in forming the souls of young people in sound doctrine and in the rectitude of customs." § 33

Let's recap. The Vatican, with Francis at the helm, is fully dedicated to the task of unifying the various religions of the world and humanity as a whole, promoting religious indifferentism and professing without any shadow of shadow the secular and naturalistic humanitarianism conceived in Masonic lodges.

Let us recall, before concluding this report, which are the main organizations and documents mentioned in relation to this ongoing globalization process, in order to have an overview of the actors and events that participate in this Vatican-led globalist dynamic, in close collaboration with the United Nations.

This will give us an image of synthesis, a perspective on the subject perhaps even more eloquent than the multiplicity of citations and references contained in the preceding pages:

Document on the Human Fraternity for World Peace and Common Coexistence
United Nations Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Hate Speech
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
Day of Prayer and Fasting for Humanity
Secretary-General of the United Nations
High Committee for Human Fraternity
Congregation for Catholic Education
World Summit of Human Fraternity
World Day for Human Fraternity
Abrahamic Family House
Schools for the Meeting
Global Educational Pact
Olive tree of peace
Olive Campaign

In conclusion, I transcribe a passage from the Supplication to Saint Michael the Archangel, written by Leo XIII in 1890, since I believe that its content is literally applied to the situation that we are currently living:

“The most cunning enemies have filled the Church, wife of the Immaculate Lamb, with bitterness, they have given her wormwood to drink, they have laid their wicked hands on everything that is most dear to Her. Where the See of Saint Peter and the Chair of Truth were established as light for the nations, they have erected the throne of the abomination of impiety, so that, when the Shepherd is beaten, the flock can be dispersed. Oh, invincible champion, help the people of God against the perversity of the spirits that attack them and give them victory!”

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