PiusX Fined For Mission In Russia

For the first time, Russia prosecuted a Catholic for “illegal missionary activity.”

The lawyer Nikita Glazunov, a faithful of the Society of St PiusX, had organised a Tridentine Mass in the Hotel Regina in Kazan, Tatarstan.

According to sources speaking to, it's likely that faithful of the Novus Ordo who knew about the event, called the Federal Security Service because Glazunov is known as a trouble-maker in the Novus Ordo parish.

The first time, the group received a caution because the priest was a foreigner and had no work permit for Russia. The second time, Glazunov received a fine of 5,000 rubles (about USD70). Glazunov appealed against it at a court in Kazan and lost.

A witness said that the SSPX priest spoke of Catholicism in comparison with Orthodoxy and brought printed materials informing about Catholicism.

Between January and June 2020, there were at least 42 prosecutions for illegal missionary activity in Russia.