Paulus Institute Asks Cardinal Gregory To Reinstate August 14 Pontifical Mass In Shrine Calendar

The Paulus Institute for the Propagation of Sacred Liturgy, the organiser and funder of the forbidden Pontifical Mass in Washington DC scheduled on August 14 asks in a July 29 letter (below) that this Roman Pontifical Mass be reinstated on the Shrine calendar:

“None of the cautions presented in Traditionis Custodes and the accompanying letter to bishops concerning ‘groups’ (in dioceses) apply to the instant Mass of August 14, 2021.

a. The National Shrine is neither a ‘parochial’ church, as referenced in Traditionis Custodes, nor a diocesan church of the Archdiocese of Washington.

b. The Shrine is ‘the Patronal Church of United States Catholics.’ It is known as ‘America’s Catholic Church,’ according to the Shrine’s own materials. It is a National Shrine. It has no pastor. It has no designated territoriality. It has no congregation. It does not even have its own ushers; those are supplied by the Knights of Columbus. Its choir is compensated by the Knights of Columbus.”

And, “The Shrine is also ‘the bishops’ church.’ Any bishop in the United States may say Mass at the Shrine as its calendar permits, which the Rector is obligated to respect.”

The Institute considers the cancellation of the Mass, so long planned and prepared, a “violation of fundamental justice, because it is an arbitrary action not motivated by any urgency”.

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What would happen if they did not ask the Bishop for permission to say the Latin mass?
They should have sent a copy to AB Allen Vigneron the Vice President ....