Another Francis Interview: Anger, Hypocrisy, and Video-Pornography

Catholics "feel misunderstood" by Francis, Abc.es told him during a 18 December interview, asking him whether he was affected by that.

Noticeably angered, Francis ranted that this is an "immature faith" which "doesn't feel secure" and is tied to "one thing, they cling to what was done before." Francis himself is clinging to the by-gone Vatican II and the failed Novus Ordo.

"Tradition is our roots that make you grow and go," Francis pontificated adding a big BUT, "The problem is to go backwards" [to VaticanII]. "In Italian I call it 'indietrismo'" which Francis explained with phrases such as "It's better to be as we used to be," "It's safer,“ „Don't take risks." He himself never takes risks routinely playing up to the neopagan political regime and its media whips.

Francis brags that his faith "develops" and "grows" and "by growing it consolidates, it becomes broader with time and much finer with the years." Growth and finesse are no attributes of the Francis Church.

Hypocritically, he praises Benedict XVI whose lifework Summorum Pontificum he destroyed as "lucid," "very lively," "a saint," "a great man," "a man of high spiritual life" who "lives in contemplation" with a "good sense of humour."

Avoiding any risk, he bows to the oligarchs announcing that "a woman" will be prefect of a Roman dicastery. "I have one in mind for a dicastery that will become vacant in two years." He believes that "nothing prevents a woman from leading a dicastery in which a lay person can be prefect." The Vatican dicasteries have become a waste of time and money.

To the unavoidable question about "sexual abuses" Francis spontaneously associates "video-pornography with minors, which takes place live."

He advises his successor "not to make the mistakes I made, full stop" - which makes sense. Then he revealed that already in 2013 he signed his resignation in case of impediment for medical reasons or whatever and gave it to then Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone.

Picture: © Mazur/cbcew.org.uk, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsEawgkguvin

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Frank needs to practice mortification of the body-- he is morbidly obese, and this accounts one can argue for the crippling of his alimentary canal.