German Bishops Delighted: 2,600 Pastoral Employees Will Attempt to "Bless" Phantom Homosex Liaisons

2,600 German Church employees including priests and lay-people signed a petition vowing that they will attempt to "bless" homosex liaisons.

Aachen Bishop Dieser and Birgit Mock, a lady from the Suicidal/Synodal Way, received their signatures on Saturday. Dieser claimed that the Vatican’s finding that the Church cannot bless sin is only an “opinion” and causes “annoyance and irritation.”

Mock alleged that "forcing" homosexuals to "negate" their sexuality doesn't correspond to their image of God and man. She couldn't name a single person who had been "forced" by the Church.

This homosex schism will manifest itself on May 10, when the signees stage all over Germany bogus homosex "blessings."

Essen Bishop Overbeck denied again (Heute.de, March 28) that homosex acts are sinful and praised his priests for having been "blessing" homosex liaisons for years.

It is unlikely that the homosex "blessers" will find 2,600 homosexuals who are interested in the useless rituals of the decadent German money church.

Picture: Helmut Dieser, © Pressebild, Bistum Aachen, #newsTnuksopneh