Amazon Ordination Replace Christian Symbols with Juju tins

Dem ordain Antelmo Pereira Angelo from Amazon wey get four pikins as permanent deacon for the Alto Solimoes Diocese, Brazil, for March 15 ceremony wey dem carry juju signs full everywhere.

Person wey preside for the even na Bishop Adolfo Zon Pereira wey dey born from Spanish, dem do the event for St. Francis of Assisi church, Belem do Solimoes.

Faces wey dem paint, witch songs, dances, necklaces, bangles, headtie, animals' teeth, shells and snails. And many native tins wey dem dey use pursue evil spirits and invite other spirits.

When dem dey do the ordination, Angelo lie down for on top mat wey dem do with Tururi fibre. Na one native woman do am from Capinuri palm bark and dem say e dey protect people from the forces of nature (picture dey down).

Bishop Zon use one black chalice wey dem do from food and ciborium wey look like black bowl wey dey represent Pachamama and wey Francis collect for the Amazon Synod, for dia closing Mass.