Swiss Bishop: Francis Eclipses Jesus As "Unique Savior”

In Francis’ Abu Dhabi Declaration the “unique and universal mediation" of Christ is "eclipsed,” Chur Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti, Switzerland, wrote in a September 6 statement for LifeSiteNews.com.

Eleganti stressed that God does not contradict himself as the declaration insinuates, “He cannot want heterogeneity of ideas about Him and thus the plurality of religions which contradict each other.”

The bishop gives the example of Islam which understands itself as an "explicitly anti-Christian religion" and denies the essence of Christianity: Christ's divine Sonship and the Trinity.

Further, he stresses that the Abu Dhabi Declaration favors a relativistic and political concept of peace between the religions that has always failed.

Further, the “illusion” of a peaceful coexistence of religions which contradict each other has one catch, the denial of Christ, Eleganti adds.

Picture: Marian Eleganti, © Liebermary, CC BY-SA, #newsFposuprvcn
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