Cardinal Zen: Vatican Lets Itself be Killed By the Enemy - "Not Without Francis' Consent"

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen replied to Roberto De Mattei who agrees with Zen's doubts about the Vatican’s Ostpolitik but criticises him for defending the Second Vatican Council.

Zen insists that teachings of Ecumenical Councils are always authoritative, cannot be trashed, and are “not ambiguous” (, August 8) - although Vatican II is ambiguous and was only a Pastoral Council.

He denies the obvious relation between Vatican II and the Ostpolitik by blaming the problem on weak post-conciliar bishops who served their atheistic governments more than the faithful.

Citing the Council's [mostly descriptive and irenic] discourse on atheism (Gaudium et Spes 19-21), Zen believes that an additional condemnation of Communism was not necessary.

He calls the Council's approach to Communism an "outstretched hand" and mentions that he also collaborated with the Communists by teaching for seven years “sound doctrine” in many seminaries under their control. However, for Zen collaboration doesn't mean to let oneself be killed by the enemy, “as the Vatican is doing now, unfortunately not without the Pope’s consent.”

Zen says about himself, “I’m a conservative, but not in an exaggerated way.”

Picture: Joseph Zen, © Michael Swan, CC BY-ND, #newsSshnzbajav

Be Ye Separate

Pope John also composed a prayer to be recited by the church the year prior to the Council. A key petition in the prayer is as follows: “Renew your wonders, O Lord, in this our day as by a new Pentecost.”

( Clarion Herald News)
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