Cardinal Accuses US, NATO Satellites of “Duplicity”, “Shaking Hands with Devil”

There has been an increasing move for Islamisation in Pakistan in the last twenty years, Karachi Cardinal Joseph Coutts, 76, told (October 20). Pakistan has been a longtime ally of the West.

Churches in Pakistan are public and visible “not like in Turkey,” Coutts says. However, some Muslims (“not the common people, but the fanatics”) see Christianity “as the devil, the product of colonialism,” Coutts explains. When the West hails a blasphemy case, “we are on pins and needles, because one more church will be attacked, a few more Christians will be brutally killed.”

Now, even moderate Muslims are becoming more Islamic because of te money of Saudi Arabia – another Western ally. “What is also making it bad for us is the duplicity, the hypocrisy of the United States,” Coutts explains, because for the Islamic extremists the US and its satellites (“let’s say the white people”) are “Christians.”

Therefore, Imams call in their sermons for a holy war by saying, “Look at what those Christians are doing to us.” They point at Iraq, Palestine, and Kashmir, “The first time a Church was attacked in Pakistan, was a week after the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan” and “tens of thousands” of crying refugees, women, and children, poured into Pakistan.

Coutts explains that by shaking hands with the devil Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the US created the Taliban to stop Soviet influence in the Middle East.

Picture: Joseph Coutts, wikipedia, CC-BY-SA