Proven Natural Remedies Against the Jab (Covid-19 Vaccine)

Accepting cursed drugs like meth causes demonic attachment (Santeria). Accepting abominable abortion-tainted jabs causes demonic attachment. The Traditional Catholic faith has spiritual solutions for that -- Confession and Exorcism.

Accepting man-made poisons causes cancer and other bodily disasters. For many decades, we have been poisoned for profit. God's nature -- From the world God created for humanity, even fallen humanity -- we have natural remedies and cures. True scientists (science is just the study of nature) promote natural remedies God made for us.

If you want to educate yourself about natural remedies to the toxic, sinful jab:

Jonathan Otto, creator of ‘Healing Genesis’ joins Mike Adams to reveal spontaneous healing secrets SUPPRESSED by the medical establishment

Study the truth about the jab:


Our Lady of Good Studies, pray for us!

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