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Seventh Day Adventism Is Not Consistent With The Bible

basically all protestant denomination
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Bono Meets Someone Who Speaks Even More Gibberish Than He Does

what is 'afternoon of the apple" mean?
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What Is Cardinal Zen Accused Of?

being rigid.
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New Liturgy: Minister Presides over Suicide in Her Church

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Kneeling Bishops: Francis Annoyed

is it costumary for anyone below rank to kneel (and kissing ring) before cardinal&pope (i dont know about bishop)?
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Francis: Another No-Show

will his(that) habit becoming 'normal' in vatican?
even he disregard no liturgical rule.
well.he's the pope,a supreme ruler in the catholic church. if he' err,the church will err in him.
what can i and you do?are comment in this post will fix him?

what future of catholic church will be?
how long faithfull must prayer for the pope?
how many reparation prayer must be recited?
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Mortal Smell of the Sheep: Franciscan Murdered

in nomine patri.
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A Reflection on The Good Thief. By Dr Geoffrey Brushwood

the repentant thief.

being good is not enough.
a good catholic can be an unrepentant one. remember, "i'm a good catholic" phrase.

a.repentant one.without being told,pretty sure he WILL be a good catholic.

that thief is guilty,objectively.
his act of contrition, is the one that save.him from Hades.
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For a Change: Francis "Distances" Himself From German Synod

hmmm. "social distance" or religious distance?
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Munich: War As A Pretext for Blasphemy

how can faithfull pray for consencration for russia with that thing?
and what cardboard in the background for?
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Too Much Work: Bishop Believes Twelve Baptisms a Year Create "Difficult Situation"

laity become cleric, cleric become laity
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Nuclear War: Cardinal Has Fun at Homosex-Show

Rome lost her shepherd. in vain people will find them.
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Francis “Concelebrates” with a Priest

no wonder liturgical abuse going rampant. no hope to correct them.
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Cardinal Ouellet: Priests not supporting Francis should ask, 'What am I doing here?'

a priest is called by God,not by pope.obedience to The Church,and to his superior.
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Francis said today: “Clericalism is a perversion because it is based not on closeness but on distan…

very worst even for no mass standart. thank God no one at pews and no altar server
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Francis' "Communion Of Saints" Includes Abortionists, National-Socialists, Racists

Nero,Arius etc. must be proud to have jorge on their side

btw,are traditionalist included in his 'communion of saints' ?
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Archbishop Imposes Radical Covid Religion

unjust punishment
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copycat protestant
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Ecumenical Indifference: Francis Dreams of "Same Altar” so much to comment about that picture(or video?)
there is three persons. one catholic ,one orthodox not communion with the roman pontiff,one anglican which is henry vii church;giving blessing to the people.

how much blessing will mass attendee get? three blessing,one blessing,or 1/3 blessing?
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Rigidity Parody: Vatican Boys' Choir Displays Covidiotic Radicalism (Video)

can they articulated clearly and breath smoothly while singing?🤔