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O Maoleoin
O Maoleoin

Nick Donnelly - Interview with The Most Famous Deacon in the English-Speaking World

Ecumenism,we all get along to get along.All are welcome in rhe Big Tent.Latin Mass,Nvus Ordo Mass ETC,

Cardinal Müller: German Pro-Homosex Bishops "not normal"

The Sword of Damocles.

Cardinal Tagle: Failed Evangeliser, Hostile To Old Latin Mass, Promoter of Feel-Good Events

You still don't get it,The Novus Ordo is[ NOT CATHOLIC].

Lay Homily: Swiss Bishop Ousted Priest

Spot the dummy.

"I Do Not Wish To belong to Idolatrous Pachamama Church" - ICEL Director

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Francis Starts Advent With African Jungle Mass

Three Ring Circus.

Total Discretion: Francis Underwent Surgery

And gone to hell.

Francis' Effect in Argentina: Catholics Are the New Protestants

These men will have a lot to answer for.

Dutch Bishop Joins Petition Accusing Francis Of Idolatry

Bishop Mutsaerts is wrong,we have had a new religion for nearly sixty years now,namely the Novus Ordo.

Cardinal Schönborn: There Will "Certainly" Be Married Priests in Europe

Only one Cardinal ?

Archbishop Viganó: Apostasy Under Francis "Unprecedented"

Many are under the illusion we are dealing with the Catholic Church.We are not.

Synod Document Endorses Noble Savage, Pantheism - Equals God to Spirits

Still making excuses for the heretics,.

Synod Final Document: Celibacy Abolished, "Deaconesses" Requested

We are debating the Novus Ordo church not the Catholic Church.The Catholic Church has gone underground.

Vatican, Diving Lesson For Pachamamas Was "Theft"

Not only idols out of the church but they should all be whipped out of the church.

Santa Maria in Traspontina: The Idol Worshippers Complain With Police

In the old days,they used to throw the Heretics into the Tiber.

Synod Bishops Attend Demonic Way Of The Cross

They will accept everything.

Seminary Instructor: There Is “Erotic Component” in Eucharist

Cockroach coming out of the woodwork.

Liberal Helsinki Bishop resigns at 72 – Background

Sorry,another heretic bites the dust

Liberal Helsinki Bishop resigns at 72 – Background

Another heretic bits the dust.