Arrival of Pope Francis in Egypt 28 April 2017 HD

Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis to Egypt. Arrival of Pope Francis, from Cairo International Airport, Cairo, Egypt. ~ Viaggio apostolico di Papa Francesco in Egitto. Arrivo di Papa Francesco, dall'aeroporto internazionale del Cairo, Egitto. ~ … [More]
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Trennung von Kirche und Staat

´Wann wird endlich die Kirchensteuer insgesamt abgeschafft, und damit der moderne Ablasshandel der …
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Sonia Chrisye
@Eugenia-Sarto Die Abschaffung der Kirchensteuer kann nur jemand wünschen, der mit Gemeinden von Glaubensgemeinschaften, die ausschließlich von … [More]
Meine Meinung zur Kirchensteuer. Es wird Zeit, dass sie abgeschafft wird, weil die derzeitige Nachkonzilskirche den Glauben aufgegeben hat. Gern … [More]

Benedict Option II: The Jewish Example

Four keys to sustaining strong, countercultural religious community
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Marthe Robin : «La France tombera très bas, plus bas que les autres nations, à cause de son orgueil…

En 1936, Marthe Robin confie cette prophétie concernant la France, au Père Finet, le co-fondateur …
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Sainte Blandine
<il y a un problème avec Marthe Robin elle n'a pas dénoncé Vatican 2 et son libéralisme... Moi, personnellement, je ne crois pas à ses prophéties...
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Plans for a German/Vatican takeover of the Knights of Malta?


Malteser Cross published this document today on twitter.
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GJA Taylor
is the pope ill or wicked?
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New study: Birth control pills reduce women's well-being :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

.- A new Swedish study has shown that women who are taking the contraceptive pill might be putting …
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It also increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. As it relates to depression, who is to say what measure is the chemicals they consume and … [More]
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Vatican Reverses Decision, Allows Festing to Take Part in Order of Malta Election

In a volte-face, former Grand Master Fra' Matthew Festing will vote in elections this week which …
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GJA Taylor
ho ho ho
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Ex Knights of Malta head defies pope order, plans Rome return| Reuters

ROME The ousted Grand Master of the Knights of Malta Catholic charity will attend a meeting that …
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GJA Taylor
Wouldn't it be amazing if pope humble Francis forbade abortion advocates from the Vatican, never mind Rome.!!!!
De Profundis
The order of the pope is illicit. How would fake-media have written, if a Pope had ordered Hans Küng not to come to Rome?
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Alexander Van der Bellen - Kopftuch für alle Frauen aus Respekt vor Muslimen

Alexander Van der Bellen spricht öffentlich davon alle, also wirklich alle Frauen zu bitten Kopftuch zu tragen. Eine Islamisierung findet nicht!!! statt.
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Kennt dieser Präsident denn gar nicht die Exmuslima und Islamkritikerin Sabatina James? "Das Kopftuch ist das Symbol der Unterwerfung der Frau, ihrer… [More]
@Tradition und Kontinuität Ich glaube nicht, dass es Wunsch und Wille Gottes ist, dass sich die Völker mischen, weder rassisch noch kulturell. Er … [More]
The monks of Norcia have to leave - because the bishop of Spoleto rebuilds the Church in a modernist style. The monks will build a monastery outside of Norcia. Spoleto

Architectural News from Norcia

Trying to live a Catholic life & addressing Catholic issues, investigating sacred Scripture in the …
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@Tesa Checking your personal page I realize that you may not be familiar with Italian language. I cannot read the full headline of your post: may … [More]
@Tesa Non leggo il titolo intero: è per caso il card. Burke il celebrante? Dove è avvenuta la celebrazione? Ho notato nel video una apparente coincid… [More]
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James Martin, SJ, introduces satanic band “Metallica” on TV

Before the Song “For Whom The Bell Tolls” on 24 September 2014. [More]
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Three more consistories before the pope retires

"Allies of Pope Francis are saying that he’s planning to follow the example of Benedict XVI and retire. But he’ll only do so once he’s appointed enough liberal cardinals to make sure that the next conclave doesn’t elected a conservative who will …
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God He is the one in charge ",man makes his plans " but God may have different ideas
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The Remnant Newspaper - Priest Charged with Assault for Defending Eucharist during Traditional …

Father Anderson Batista da Silva Editor’s Note: We have received the following report from our Cath…
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@Tesa IMHO Poor Fr. da Silva made a mistake being too accomodating with that petulant man. That man did not behave in a sane, respectful way even … [More]
Hugh N. Cry
Catholic faithful, especially men, need to be vigilant during Mass. I had to warily get between a homeless man and the priest during the homily at a … [More]
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Über das Recht, eine wenig konforme Meinung zu haben

Der folgende Kurzvortrag von Henryk M. Broder erschien im Januar/ Februar in der Zeitschrift Theologisches Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren, verehrte Fürstin Gloria, sehr geehrter Herr Kardinal Müller, lieber Hans-Magnus Enzensberger, lieber …
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Henryk Broder ist ein sehr kluger Mann, der den Glauben an den Unsinn in Europa, der an die Stelle des Glaubens an Gott getreten ist, ebenso wie die … [More]
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Lebanese build biggest inhabitable Cross in the Middle East

The Ijdabra Cross rises as a powerful witness of faith in the war torn Middle East. When the cross …
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the link does not work...
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nechcem rýpať ale ikony sa nemaľujú ikony sa píšu a presný farbový reglemnet je tiež neco ináč teologicky nie historicky ale teologicky sú správnejši… [More]
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