Argentina Physician Prosecuted For Saving Two Lives - By José Arturo Quarracino

(Picture: Dr Leandro Rodríguez Lastra)

In Argentina, and particularly in the province of Río Negro, located south of Buenos Aires province, in the Patagonia region, there is a state of institutional madness. From May 13 to May 15, a trial was held against Dr Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, an obstetrician and head of gynecology at the Pedro Moguillansky Hospital in Cipoletti.

Rodríguez Lastra is "accused" of having broken a law that does not exist when saving two lives in 2017.

First aberration: Rodríguez Lastra is brought to trial for not having killed an innocent child. This legal attack by the international abortion industry, the financial power that has appropriated the world's wealth, is needed in order to limit population growth and enjoy its wealth “in peace.”

Second aberration: In order to promote this judicial parody, a manual how to kill an unborn child was taken as the basis of the legal procedures. The argument used by the prosecutor was that the doctor "violated the duties of a public official."

In reality the doctor did not comply with the provincial law that are in violation of the constitution and international agreements (which have the rank of constitutional norms).

No one is obligated to obey or comply with the Protocol. The Protocol simply allows abortion killings for those who like to kill. Its very title - Protocol for the Comprehensive Care of Persons with the Right to the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy - is misleading, because Argentina has no law that considers abortion as a “right”.

The case that served as an excuse for this aberration is that of a 19-year-old girl who in January 2017 presented herself in a hospital in Cipolletti. Tests performed on her could not determine the cause of her discomfort.

At the end of March 2017, she presented herself again for a consultation, having gained weight and having an enlarged belly, as she herself stated. The analysis showed that she was pregnant. She asked for an abortion, suddenly claiming that her pregnancy was the result of rape.

(Picture: Dr Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, center)

Third aberration: If this mother was raped, then she accepted this for a long time without complaint. She never reported it. Only when she found out she was pregnant, she "remembered" that she had been "raped" as if the pregnancy caused her “trauma”, not the previous rape.

This seems to insinuate that rape does not affect the victims, but pregnancy does. As Dr Fernando Secin stated in an expertise which the Rio Negro justice system did not accept "because there were already many":

"It is not logical that a woman goes to the doctor because of weight gain and belly growth but then says that she was raped. The logical thing is to go to the doctor for rape, before the belly grows.”

Fourth aberration: The mother demanded an abortion. Two medical professionals who treated her put her in contact with an abortion activist who provided her with the abortion drug Oxaprost. This is a case of illegal medical practice as the activist was not allowed to prescribe drugs.

The mother ingested the abortifacient but began to suffer fever, abdominal pains and bleedings, which is why she went to the hospital, always with the intention to abort.

She was attended by Dr Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, who refused to kill the baby, citing the advanced stage of pregnancy: 22 weeks. Therefore, he decided to stabilize the mother and to hospitalize her until the baby was born with a real possibility of survival. Rodríguez Lastra succeded. The baby was born and was given up for adoption. Today he is in perfect health.

But the mother turned the facts upside down: “I was denied an abortion to save the baby's life,” she claimed. For her, the most important thing was her wish, not her baby, although she could have died killing her son.

By acting as he did, Dr Leandro Rodriguez Lastra saved the life of the baby and the life of the mother.

Fifth aberration: After having saved two lives, an ordeal began for Dr Rodriguez Lastra. He was accused by the provincial deputy Marta Milesi, a paediatrician who is in favour of killing children through abortion. Such a paediatrician is like putting Chapo Guzman at the forefront of the fight against drug trafficking.

Already in 2006, Milesi introduced in the provincial legislature a bill to legalize abortion. It was presented with the participation of the so-called "Catholics for the Right to Decide," an NGO of American origin created by the Ford Foundation which is owned by the Rockefeller family, with the intention to infiltrate American and Ibero-American Catholicism with abortion ideology.

This non-governmental organization (NGO) received grants from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in order to push for a legalization of abortion in Argentina. Therefore, the paediatrician Milesi seems to act as a spokeswoman for the international abortion network.

Sixth aberration: Milesi’s accusations where picked up in the judicial sphere by Santiago Márquez-Gauna, a former warrant judge who became famous for having rejected a lawsuit against the father of two minors. He acquitted the father of having punished one of his children, putting a belt around his neck and using him as punching ball and kicking him. Márquez-Gauna called this a part of the father's "right to educate", of his "power of coercion" and of his "power to correct." If Márquez-Gauna accepts this, why should he not accept abortion?

Seventh aberration: Márquez-Gauna "forgot" to investigate the rape alleged by the mother as a reason to abort. He did not move a finger to investigate this but only concentrated on accusing the doctor. This begs the question whether he is a prosecutor or a servant of Mrs. Milesi, the de facto spokesperson of the local abortion lobby.

Santiago Márquez-Gauna

Eighth aberration: The trial against Dr Rodriguez Lastra is based on criteria that constitute a violation of the Argentinean Constitution which protects human life from the moment of conception (arts. 23 and 75), and of the Constitution of the Province of Río Negro itself (art. 16), which not only "recognizes the right to life and human dignity", but also affirms that "no one may be subjected to torture or to cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment", under penalty of exoneration from office.

Ninth aberration: Milesi bases her lawsuit on an alleged failure to comply with a provincial law that gives a legal framework to the national abortion protocol that justifies the crime of abortion in cases of pregnancy due to rape. This Protocol was updated in 2015 by the technical input provided by the so-called Casa FUSA (Foundation for Adolescent Health), a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the world's largest British multinational abortion network.

In short, Argentines are facing a new version of David (Dr Rodriguez Lastra) versus Goliath (Marta Milesi, Santiago Marquez Gauna, "Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir", International Planned Parenthood Federation), in which an Argentine physician is forced to fight against the international abortion imperialism.

Just as David defeated Goliath, we hope that the Argentine David will defeat the new Goliath who is as arrogant as the character in the biblical story.

In the province of Río Negro, times have come when saving lives constitutes a criminal act and killing children constitutes a “right” of the mothers.

Ultimately it will depend on the spiritual force of the Argentines, while the civil, political and ecclesiastical authorities are conspicuous by their silence and risk being accomplices to a judicial crime.

José Arturo Quarracino
Temperley, 13 May 2019

(Picture: the author of the article)
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