Cardinal McCarrick "Laicized" – McCarrickism Continues

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, has been removed today from the priesthood after a Church trial found him guilty of homosexual "sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and with adults". Merc…
Rainbow cinctures are going to happen now. Just watch. Readers may laugh, but just wait until His Holiness starts wearing one and publicly defends … More
Time to get the rest of these idiots out of God's Church

Francis Still Promotes Main Cause of Abuses – Archbishop Viganò

Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who is still in hiding, has published an article on clerical abuses on (February 16). As the primary cause of the abuses he identifies …
Viganò for Pope 2019!!
Archbishop Vigano is correct. Francis is still weaponising abusers. Francis knows that the abuse in the church is primarily homosexual predation of … More

Cardinal Burke: Francis' False Abu-Dhabi-Claim Needs to be Removed [But It Will Not]

The claim that the “diversity of religions is willed by God” must be removed from Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration because it is "not correct" - Cardinal Raymond Burke writes on (Februa…
How long, Oh God, how long!
Quite right Cardinal Burke. Francis needs to remove that statement. It is tantamount to denying revelation itself. Francis in effect is teaching … More

Cardinal Müller: Francis Is "No Heretic" - He Is "Orthodox”

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has repeated his implausible theory according to which Pope Francis is a victim of those he keeps surrounding himself with. Müller told the anti-Catholic fake-news magazine …
Eric M
Cardinal Muller is a complete moron.
Dr Bobus
It is said about people who manage organizations that they reveal themselves in the assistants they name.

"Sexual Assault": Nasty Publicity Stunt Against Paris Nuncio

A 30-year-old employee of the city of Paris, France, accused Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, the Apostolic Nuncio in France, of “sexual assault”. The putative misdeed happened at a public 17 January …
So sad and so evil, to think that there is people around who will lie about a priest just for money or fame, yet for the last 10 years it has become … More

Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

During a February 14 audience for the participants in the plenary of the Liturgy Congregation, Pope Francis read a text about the liturgical development of the past fifty years which sounded like a …
That impious man fears and hates the True Mass.
It is the Gregorian Mass that "puts the worldly before the spiritual"? That would be laughable for it's complete stupidity if it weren't so infuriati… More

Cardinal Burke: It Would Be “Difficult” To Deny that Benedict Has Resigned

In order to counter widespread doubts on the validity of Benedict XVI’s resignation, spoke on February 14 with Cardinal Burke. The origin of the doubts is Benedict himself. He sugges…
Dr Bobus
The problem is that munus is used in two ways: The Sacramental actions based in Potestas Ordinis and the actions based in Potestas Iurisdictionis.
The bishops are subject to the pope who is their master in authority in the traditional Catholic teaching. Unfortunately, VII 'Council' amplified … More

Francis: My Gestures Look Like Those of A Drunk

Pope Francis told Jesuits in a January 26 meeting in Panama that he concelebrated once with the anti-Catholic Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, the founder of liberation theology, and with Cardinal Gerhard …
Look like a heretic quack like a we got a winner
Hugh N. Cry
Nah, a drunk can sober up and be ashamed of his actions.

Francis' Letter to "Mister" Maduro Leaked

Pope Francis sent a private letter (February 7) to Nicolas Maduro calling him “señor” rather than “presidente”. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó who belongs to the upper class, was recognized on 23 …
Gloria, una pequeña muestra de la monstruosidad de Chávez y su séquito diabólico: Por ejemplo, no mataron a cientos, el cálculo bajo pasa del millón.… More

John Paul’s Private Secretary Offers Weak Disclaimer to Francis' Account

"I do not believe that Pope John Paul II did not believe the crime evidence presented to him, in such a nonchalant way, this was not his style" - Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, John Paul’s private …

Francis Names Compromised Cardinal As New Camerlengo

Pope Francis has named Cardinal Kevin Farrell as the Carmerlengo of the Holy Roman Church. Farrell is a Bergoglio courtier, a radical relativist and deeply involved in the McCarrick and other abus…
McCarrick lives on in his "nephews" Tobin, Farrell, Cupich. That they are Francis' favourites reveals all lot about him
The word is not's LIAR and HERETIC

300 “Seers” in Italy Alone

The Italian journalist David Murgia, 47, told (February 12) that there are presently 300 alleged seers in Italy alone. He works for TV2000, a broadcaster belonging to the Italian …
Hey everyone, look at me! I'm a seer!!!
People who seek imagined supernatural manifestations are weak in their faith. If you believe in the Real Presence there is no need of "private … More

Bishop Condemns Catholics in Order to Protect Anti-Catholic Cardinal

Rapid City Bishop Robert Gruss, USA, condemned the praiseworthy Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) in a statement his priests were forced to read last weekend from the pulpits of his diocese (text below). …
God will act.
Hugh N. Cry

Bishop Schneider Calls Cardinal Kaspar "Intolerant", "Aggressive"

The "prompt, intolerant and astonishingly aggressive reaction" by which Cardinal Kasper rejected Cardinal Müller's Manifesto of Faith shows that a clear profession of the divine truths is often …
The word he was searching for was HERETIC
alex j
Bishop Schneider is being 'kind.'

Bishop Has No Answer to Question Whether Christ Established the Church

Joliet Bishop Daniel Conlon has "no absolute answer" to the question whether Christ intended to establish a Church. He said this during a talk at Elmhurst College (February 6) in front of two hundred…
Found on reddit
That means he's not a Catholic anymore. He has apostatized from the faith. Now he's just playing dress up as a Catholic bishop.

Bishop: Nonsensical Youth-, Gay-Ideology Will Save Church

“There is no hierarchy of age in the Church, yet many Church documents are produced by older men” - Bishop Charles Drennan, 58, of Palmerston North, New Zealand, said before leaving for the Panama …
alex j
I have no idea what Bishop Drennan is waffling on about. Does he claim to be more knowledgeable than God??? More knowledgeable than science/physiolog… More

American Bishop Restores Order Of Sacraments

Gallup Bishop James Wall, 54, USA, will restore the original [and correct] order of the sacraments and administer confirmation before Holy Communion. He explains in a pastoral letter (February 11) …
What do you mean St. Pius X decided without a serious theological reason to put First Holy Communion before Confirmation? He lowered the age to … More
Hugh N. Cry
Wish this would become universal.

German Bishop: “Female Priests Will Come”

It does no longer "convince" to reject a female priesthood with arguments based "only on tradition", Magdeburg Bishop Gerhard Feige, Germany, told KNA (February 12). Feige knows, however, that many …
Hell is coming for you bishop. Repent!
I'll bet he says this with great joy. He probably wishes that some day a woman becomes pope.

Only Three Bishops Thank Cardinal Müller For Reaffirming Catholic Faith

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin, USA, wrote that he appreciates the clear, concise and ordered approach of Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s “Manifesto of Faith” (Twitter, February 9). A day later he basicall…
But there are millions of catholics on his side
7 more.

A “Sick Society In The Nets of Evil” Allows Church Vandalism - Cardinal Sarah

Church vandalism reflects a “sick civilization that gets carried away in the nets of evil” - Cardinal Robert Sarah wrote on Twitter (February 10). Only last week several French Catholic churches were…
Lisi Sterndorfer
The weak French Bishops' Conference held back commenting on the desecrations to avoid further attacks…. [and will provoce them]
“God emulates man with magnificent generosity. Abraham offered to God his mortal son who did not die, and God gave up his immortal Son who died for … More