Only One Week Until Christmas – Your Support Keeps Us Going

We are told by the Church’s elites that the "people of God" are very important and should have their say. But where does the simple faithful Catholic have such an opportunity? This is where our …
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A Grisly Warning For an Aged President

One thousand white crosses were placed outside the residence of Ireland’s president Michael D. Higgins on Saturday. They represent the children whose blood will be on Higgins' hands within the first …
Saddly a good idea
We need to do this in America!!! We do this at the church occasionally.. takes so many people in the church, to set out the crosses...SAD.
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Francis Admits Teaching Different Doctrine Than John Paul II And Benedict XVI

Pope Francis has claimed that changing the Catechism regarding death penalty is a “progress of the doctrine of the most recent Pontiffs”. Talking to members of the “International Commission against …
Clericalism = pope Francis doctrine
There is only one doctrine and its Jesus Christ doctrine ,Popes are only guardians of His doctrine
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Pro-Gay U.S. Embassy Congratulates "Independent Orthodox Church"

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev congratulated on Twitter (December 15) a recently established Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its leader Epifaniy Dumenko. The embassy has been an official supporte…
more heretic staff

Commission On Female Deacons Concluded Its Work

Pope Francis’ commission on female deacons finished its work in June, and Cardinal Ladaria personally handed the final report to Francis. According to (December 17), the report …
Holy Cannoli
Jungerheld Will there ever be female deacons (Deaconettes)? I personally believe it’s gonna happen... soon. There are 1000s of pushy nuns and like … More
Holy Cannoli
If a female deacon looked like this lady, she could make me a sandwich anytime. More

Liberal Clergy Claims Jesus was "Refugee", Does Not Believe in Infancy Narratives

The British journalist Damian Thompson published the following tweet (December 14): "I know this is cynical, but it’s aways fun at Christmas watching liberal clergy who don’t believe in the infancy …
They teach that? OK, it's confirmed for the umpteenth time: they are a filthy discusting bunch...

Polish Auxiliary Bishop Elect Retires Before Being Consecrated

Father Franciszek Ślusarczyk, 60, will not be ordained a bishop. On December 3, Pope Francis named him an Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow. But on December 12, Ślusarczyk decided "after reflexion and …

Cardinal George Pell has been hospitalised

Friday morning, Cardinal George Pell has been hospitalised at the Catholic Saint Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst, Sydney, for a knee operation according to the Australian Daily Telegraph. Three …
adeste fideles
"But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues;
adeste fideles

SSPX Superior Deeply Distressed By Francis

Father Davide Pagliarani, the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), confessed that he is “deeply distraught” by Pope Francis’ “new application" of the concept of mercy. Talking to …
Can somebody fit him out in a white cassock, the Holy Spirit is with HIM!

“Some Bishops Are Engaging In Homosexual Activity” – Father Weinandy

It has become apparent that some members of the clergy, "including bishops", engage in homosexual activity, Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy told on December 13. Weinandy explains …
Lisi Sterndorfer
Pentin published privately (it seems to not be targeted as Journalist of the Register) more from this interview: Weinandy: "The Vatican seems at time… More

Abolishing Celibacy Will Be Irrevocable - Cardinal Eijk

Allowing married priests is no solution, Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, told the pro-Francis (December 13), If celibacy would be abolished for certain territories "inequa…
Just another step in the revolution to destroy the Church. Next it will be accepting openly gay priests, then transgender ones then God only knows … More
Abolishing celibacy would be very bad... BUT NOTHING IS IRREVOCABLE, CARDINAL, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!

Vatican Discharges Faithful Bishop - Replaces Him With Servant of Regime

Mindong Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin, China, has handed over his see to the recently regularised Regime Bishop Vincenzo Zhan Silu. The act took place in a hotel in Beijing, writes (December …
Lisi Sterndorfer
Pray for the Chinese. And:
How long, O Lord...? Nearly Doubled Its Visitors in One Year

With your unfailing help, managed to nearly double its monthly unique visitors in 2018. In autumn 2017 we registered each month around 2,5 million unique visitors, in autumn 2018 they were …
@Holy Cannoli Thanks for this list. According to your list there is a declining interest in the news show. I've never checked that an can therefore … More
Holy Cannoli
Dear Eva, Please comment on the following: I did a search for the news presented by Doina and Lucia at approximately 3 month intervals arbitrarily … More

Advertising the Rich: Francis Get Himself Entangled in Contradictions

Pope Francis said during a December 8 "surprise" visit to the headquarters of the controversial Roman daily Il Messaggero that he gets “much of his information” from this paper. He added that he read…

Francis’ Partisans Defend Cardinal Pell, Even His Enemies Admit Innocence

Pope Francis’ biographer Austin Ivereigh, 52, has defended Cardinal Pell and criticised his iniquitous conviction. Ivereigh writes on Twitter (December 13) that he knows many [heterodox] Australian …
Maybe a stopped clock, but Austin Ivereigh is right. The conviction is utterly incredible. Hopefully reversed soon.

“Liberal” Bishops Turn Hyper-Authoritarian Against Catholics - Cardinal Müller

Liberal Bishops undermine their authority by demanding obedience to false teachings and violations of the moral law, Cardinal Gerhard Müller wrote in a statement on (December 12). …

Pell Witch Trial: "Total Astonishment" Over Bogus Conviction

There was a “total astonishment” in the court-room after a Melbourne jury convicted Cardinal George Pell on December 11, reported. Those present in the court-room spoke of a “terribl…
If he is innocent ,somebody worked really hard to incriminate him
De Profundis
Sources say that the hang Jury in the first Hearing was deadlocked 10-2 in favor of Pell.

Fifth Mass-goer Has Died

Heleno Severo Alves, 84, died on November 12 after he was shot a day earlier in the Cathedral of Campinas, Brazil. A gunman had opened fire at the faithful who were assisting Mass. Police responded …
The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him whether he is the surplus population, or if he is not, how he knows he is … More

The Council of Cardinals Shrinks

Pope Francis decided not to replace the Cardinals Pell, Errázuriz and Monsengwo who are leaving his Council of Cardinals. The Council now consists of the Cardinals Maradiaga, Bertello, Gracias, Marx,…
Why are these cardinals leaving the council???
Jim Dorchak
Homo clericalism at work

Holy See Now Officially Promotes Abortion and Contraception

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, participated on December 10 at the Marrakesh conference which agreed upon the U.N. Global Compact for Migration. Its final draft contains 23 …
alex j
Fake News? Possibly! But then we get a barrage of fake Catholic utterances from Francis. o what's new?
Could this possibly be Fake News!?