"Sexual Assault": Nasty Publicity Stunt Against Paris Nuncio

So sad and so evil, to think that there is people around who will lie about a priest just for money or fame, yet for the last 10 years it has become the norm. It is sad for genuine victims and sad for innocent priests. Lets not fool ourselves there are thousands of falsely accused priests. There is unfortunately no return to sanity in this mad world. Come lord Jesus Come!
All sodomites are exposing to the truth. Purging time. Deo gratias.

Bishop Schneider Calls Cardinal Kaspar "Intolerant", "Aggressive"

Now here we have a saint putting a demon (kasper) in his place.

Cardinal Raymond Burke Launched Personal Website

That's possible after all he is one of the best Cardinals we have, but more than likely a glitch in the system or web master tweaking the site a little.

"The different religions are willed by God" (Pope Francis, Abu Dhabi, February 2019)

How true is this... Perfect, Thank you GloriaTV for showing us just how bad things have become ever since Jorge Bergolio was falsely elected.

SHOCKING Video: Abortion Doctor Growling - "Loves Killing Babies"

Clearly we all agree, this quack is possessed, he is a prime example of what the devil is really like, evil and sick with hatred and anger. Come lord Jesus come for surely we are in the end times!

Bergolio is silent and refused to condem the new pro-gay Bill in Italy

Oh come on now poor Jorge must be feeling a bit jet lagged to be bothered after all he used up all his energy signing a fraternity pact with Muslims (who deny Christ) stating God wanted his only son, who suffered and died for ALL to be denounced as just another religion God put in the mix.

Andrea Bocelli - Adeste Fideles

Beautiful voice with a beautiful soul. God bless his parents for refusing to abort him.
Bocelli was born to Alessandro and Edi Bocelli. Doctors had advised the couple to abort him, as they predicted that the child would be born with a disability. It was evident at birth that Bocelli had numerous problems with his sight, and he was eventually diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. He has stated that … More

This isn't in New York, this happened just this week in Virginia

Oh i see, so when she is asked a direct question, in other terms does your bill want babies murdered just before they are born, she tries to divert her guilty conscience towards blaming others. Em, that's how Satan works.

Wikileaks Publishes Francis' Deceitful Letter to Cardinal Burke

This shows just how much of a liar Jorge Bergolio is. I guess he wanted to be sure Cardinal Burke was truly faithful to Christ. Once established Jorge Bergolio sidelines C. Burke by appointing a pretend "special delegate" Arb Becciu. The devil is a master liar and all those who lie are from the devil!

Bishop Scharfenberger on Andrew Cuomo

She knows more about the law of God than this useless Bishop. As for Cuomo, well, Latae sententiae

Nick Sandmann Speaks Out On Viral Encounter With Nathan Phillips

What a disrespectful adult Phillips is, trying to intimidate a young decent respectful teenager, bet he wouldn't do that to a street thug teenager. Respect works both ways, clearly Phillips has no respect, not even for himself.