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Absolutely and majestically beautiful! The schola of the FSSP Seminary in Nebraska sings the Angeluz during the offertory at the Pontifical Mass of the Feast of the Annunciation, where 10 new deacons were ordained by His Excellency Robert Morlino, … [More]
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Wandle auf den Wegen des Herrn in kindlicher Einfalt! (Monatsthema April 2017)

Aus dem Exsultet (Osterlob) der Osternacht: O wahrhaft selige Nacht, dir allein war es vergönnt, die Stunde zu kennen, in der Christus erstand von den Toten! Dies ist die Nacht, von der geschrieben steht: " Die Nacht wird hell wie der Tag, … [More]
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Frühling in den USA

Einige Schwestern von den DAUGHTERS OF MARY MOTHER OF OUR SAVIOR, deren Mutterhaus in den Catskill Mountains in New York liegt.
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Formation doctrinale

l'encyclique Humanum Genus de Léon XIII sur la franc-maçonnerie.
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Compagnie de Marie
"avec l'accord de M l'abbé Couture"comme l'abbé ... que fait donc l'abbé Gueguen dans la fsspx qui se rallie au pape François, un des pires adeptes des idées conciliaires .
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Bishop Williamson on Putin

Putin’s Meeting with Pope Francis, and the Fr. Gruner-Russian Meeting
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Christmas in 1950

Christmas in the UK, USA, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the Holy Land.
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ja liebe Theresia Katharina, so wars und es war sehr schön....bei uns gab es der böhmischen Tradition entsprechend am Heiligabend Karpfen mit … [More]
Theresia Katharina
Weihnachten war früher inniger und schöner als heute, weil die Leute noch gläubig waren! Das Essen war festlich, aber bodenständig und Geschenke gab … [More]
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Are Italy's Earthquakes Divine Retribution?

Comments from a respected Dominican theologian that they could be punishment for legalizing…
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Holy Cannoli
Abramo He contemplated the case when God punishes the unfaithful. The Bible is full of such cases. True, but who knows when it is the Almighty God … [More]
@Holy Cannoli: Father Cavalcoli knows the book of Job. Job is a true figure, of course. His accusers were wrong because Job actually was faithful. … [More]
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Tomb of Christ opened for the first time in centuries -The tomb is being restored, giving researche…

Argumentandfacts on Oct 27, 2016 Burial slab that Christians believe once held body of Jesus Christ is uncovered for the first time in centuries The burial slab that many Christians believe once held the body of Jesus Christ has been uncovered by … [More]
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Fr Isaac Mary Relyea ~ As in the Days of Noah

01:17:55 Father Isaac Relyea, the dynamic Mission Preacher, speaks on “As in the Days of Noah: Marrying and Giving in Marriage.” In the Gospel Our Lord referred to the breakdown of marriage as a sign preceding the coming of the Son of … [More]
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Caroline Lian
I have been hunting all his talk in the internet since i last listen to his talk about HELL in Sensus Fedilium last year.
One of the best talks I heard given. Everyone should listen to this holy priest!
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Fr. Luedtke - 8 Day Retreat - 3/25 - Sin Obstacles to Grace - CONF 335

Ave Maria! Fr. Ben Luedtke gives the third of twenty-five conferences for his Eight Day Ignatian Retreat. The subjects he covers are: Sin as an obstacles to grace and how to use spiritual of discernment to understand what is sinful and what is the … [More]
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GAUDIUM et SPES Mgr. Williamson 4-4

Conférence de S.E. Mgr. R. Williamson à Namur le 4 octobre 2016 GAUDIUM et SPES (1965) (contre syllabus – Card. Ratzinger) Quatrième partie 4-4
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GAUDIUM et SPES Mgr. Williamson 3-4

Conférence de S.E. Mgr. R. Williamson à Namur le 4 octobre 2016 GAUDIUM et SPES (1965) (contre syllabus – Card. Ratzinger) Troisième partie 3-4
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GAUDIUM et SPES Mgr. Williamson 2-4

Conférence de S.E. Mgr. R. Williamson à Namur le 4 octobre 2016 GAUDIUM et SPES (1965) (contre syllabus – Card. Ratzinger) Deuxième partie 2-4
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Donc, "saint" Jean XXIII et le "bienheureux" Paul VI ont mis en place une nouvelle religion avec l'aide de 2000 complices ?
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GAUDIUM et SPES. Mgr. Williamson

Conférence de S.E. Mgr. R. Williamson à Namur le 4 octobre 2016 GAUDIUM et SPES (1965) (contre syllabus – Card. Ratzinger) Première partie 1-4
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Immigration-invasion : qui l'organise ? (Alain Escada, Civitas)

L'intervention de Alain Escada, président de CIVITAS, au colloque sur l'identité organisé par Synthèse Nationale dimanche 2 octobre 2016, à Rungis.
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Spina Christi 2
A partir de 4' : "il apparait que les trois leaders du marché halal en France sont juifs et sionistes, ce dont la liste de défense juive s'est … [More]
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Cardinal Burke firmly behind Cardinal Sarah, ‘ad orientem’ worship

ROME, Italy, August 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Raymond Burke has given a strong endorsement of Cardinal Robert Sarah’s recent encouragement for priests to begin celebrating Mass in accord with the ancient posture that recognizes God as …
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Mel Gibson Planning 'Passion of the Christ' Sequel (Exclusive)

'Braveheart' screenwriter Randall Wallace says he is writing a follow-up to the biblical blockbuste…
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Conférence de Monseigneur Thomas d'Aquin.

Le 22 mai 2016 à Namur.
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Merci Monseigneur !
Saint Nilus, priez pour nous : pourriez vous corriger les fautes s'il vous plaît ?
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Redoré, l'Archange du Mont-Saint-Michel revient en Normandie

AFP 24 mai 2016. L'archange Saint-Michel s'apprête à retrouver le sommet de la célèbre abbaye du mont normand, restauré et redoré depuis mars dans un atelier de Dordogne qui ressuscite ors, bronzes et mosaïques à travers le monde, mais s'inquiète pour l'avenir du patrimoine.
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