They Don't Fear God, They Fear the Media – see Cardinal O’Malley

These prelates fear the media but not the judgement of God. That will change.

Demon of Death Dead: "I Do have a Darkened Heart"

He knew he had a darkened heart but refused to change. The grace was there to repent but he despised it.

Things Jesus never said...

Protestants treat Jesus as the puppet who says what they want Him to say.
Spot on! They love to manipulate it as The little finger that scratches their itchy ears ”oh that's what makes us feel good”.

Feminists Mocking Our Lady

How dearly, how very dearly they will regret this on the day of their judgement.

The Vortex–'Evil' Church Militant

Gov. Cuomo and the ,"666" with his hand. How very appropriate!

Doctors told them to choose between abortion or risk of miscarriage

Doctors take the oath; First, do no harm
Many of today's doctors seem to take the oath; Kill your child if you want. I'll help you.

Cardinal Mary

Disgusting, but what else is new?

Bishop Has No Answer to Question Whether Christ Established the Church

The bishop can't answer a most basic question on the faith. No wonder he is a bishop.

Priest dancing with a girl

Better for this priest and the woman that a giant millstone be tied around their necks and then tossed into the sea. They have caused grave scandal to the young alter servers and all who were in attendance. Woe to them!

A Conflict with Our Lady of Fatima?

Sins can never be, "light", as the pope states. All sin is evil, but the degrees vary.

Poland: Doctors left baby die after an hour of crying following botched abortion of baby with Down …

God tried to bless Poland with an beautiful soul who happened to have , Down's. Poland would have been far better for it. Sadly, the mother and doctor's decided to play satan and killed the innocent angel.

German Bishop: “Female Priests Will Come”

I'll bet he says this with great joy. He probably wishes that some day a woman becomes pope.

Celebrations in Lourdes (1958) for the Centenary of the first apparition

Very few Catholics today would even know what Lourdes is. That goes for the teaching of the faith, too.