Chief Exorcist Father Amorth: Padre Pio Knew The Third Secret and related it to the apostasy in …

So Padre Pio allegedly said in 1960 that Satan would come to rule a false church? Does that mean that the current day church is a false one? Given the heretic that is currently pope and the countless homosexuals that seem to run the Vatican and many dioceses, it sure seems that way.
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Italian Diocese, Adulterers Can Be Godparents, Religious Teachers and Catechists

The bishop puts himself above the gospel and therefore above God. Satan tried this and wound up in hell.

There Is Evidence That Cardinal Schönborn Lied

The cardinal lied? Status quo. Anything to bring down the Church

Polish Bishop Are About to Dump John Paul II For Amoris Laetitia

Now the Polish bishops jump on the apostacy bandwagon. I'm sure the final plan is to let everyone, no matter what the sin, receive communion. Then the destruction of the Church will be complete
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Photoshopped, but could you imagine?

Most people would be revolted by the ripped off arm of the baby but would then go on to defend abortion. Most Catholics would.

Crucified Star Wars stormtrooper in a church

God allows Himself to be mocked, just as He did two thousand years ago. However, inevitably, the judgement day comes and the mocking stops.

Saint Bridget: Pope Who Would Abolish Celibacy Would Become Food of Demons in Hell

Since Francis doesn't seem to believe in hell, what does he have to fear?
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Why Does The Vatican Honor Deniers Of God?

Vatican asks: Is he a Godless atheist? Good, lets honor him.
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VIDEO: Massive Save 8 Rally in Ireland on Saturday

Thank God that there are still good , courageous Catholics left in Ireland. There is hope.
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Benedict XVI Sees Continuity With Francis, "A Man Of Profound Theological Formation"

Benedict VI exposes himself for the modernist that he is. He was radical at Vatican II and remains so.
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Old Latin Mass, Pantheon, Rome, January 2018

"Old Latin Mass"? You mean the Catholic Mass, as opposed to the protestant light Novus Ordo?

Pater Noster - Pope John Paul II

Amazing Pope? For starters, he arranged get-togethers with heretics of all stripes on various occasions and willingly received the blessings of a voodoo doctor. The list goes on and on. He wasn't amazing and I for one do not believe he is a saint.
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John Paul II, “Nobody Can Change Humanae Vitae"

What percentage of Catholics follow Humanae Vitae? 4% or so? More fruits of Vatican II which was the work of Paul VI, who gave us HV.
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Dolan allows homosexual activists to take St. Patrick's parade in New York

The homo's spit upon St. Patrick and all that he stood for and Dolan applauds them.
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Pro-gay Fr. Martin’s latest: Officially promoting same-sex couples at Mass

Of course he should be defrocked but he will probably be promoted for a job well done.

Graces Will Flow When Judgments Stop - The Coming Home Network

She abandoned the sedevacantist position, which is good but she embraced the Novus Ordo, which is horrible. I will never understand how anyone could ever prefer the abomination called the Novus Ordo over the traditional mass, which has God Almighty as its author.
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