Francis: Church Must "Let Go" Her Traditions

I think Francis means that the Church should stop being Catholic.

Cork priest attempts 'floss dance' during Communion mass

The priest has no idea of how idiotic he looks like. But, as long as the sheep applaud, he will continue to entertain

They are speaking about unborn babies

this is what happens when young people grow up in a Godless society - aka America

Cardinal Müller: Christians Cannot Pray Together With Muslims [But All Recent Popes Did So]

Muslins pray to the devil, so how can Catholics pray with them ? That question is directed to the conciliar popes

Bergoglio's interreligious Faith

He seems more Jewish than Catholic

Trump and Macron

Openly satanic hand signals: They have such power that they fear nothing , at least in this life

Archbishop: Homosexuality Is “Vice” and “New Colonialism”

Well said!

Lay leader links demise of Catholic Ireland to Church’s ‘surrender’ to the world

Perfectly said; Our current leaders have no interest in fighting for , Holy Mother the Church. They just want to be friends with the world.

Ex-Legionary, TV personality abolishes priesthood

It's too bad he didn't get married before becoming a priest. Poor priest.

[David] and Rich [Goliath] Vatican News

I guess attitude counts for a lot

German Theologians present Our Lady as vulva

These satanic people love to mock Our Lord and Our Lady. They would be trembling if they knew what awaited them in the afterlife.

A markedly different Sims than the one who accosted an elderly woman praying her rosary

Sims is a coward when confronted with a real man. He only has courage against old ladies. Scum that he is!

Vatican Becomes A Slum

Perfect! The outside reflects the inside

Real Catholic Hosts, consecrated by a priest!!! 9 pieces * * *!! Made in Germany!! Black Mass …

Only in the next life will God be able to sufficiently punish those who so outrage His Son in the Blessed Sacrament

Jesuit "Blesses" Gay Couple At Gay Propaganda Event

Leading souls to hell.

Sodomite Democrat Lawmaker Harasses Elderly Catholic Woman Praying Rosary at Baby Slaughter Mill

Oh , how the sodomites hate God!

Woman arrested in Poland over posters of Virgin Mary with rainbow halo

How about 50 lashes with a cane?

Consecrated Host Taken Away At Papal Mass - Nobody Cares

There will be hell to pay.

Everyday life in France

The blood , sweat and tears of many a faithful Catholic built this church. The modernists gleefully look upon it's destruction

Shocking Profanation Of Eucharist During Easter Mass

These evil doers are having their day but the day will come when they will call upon the mountains to fall upon them and hide them from the angry face of Christ.