German Cardinal: German Church Not Only Schismatic But Also Heretic

In the "Catholic Church" in Germany, there is not only a schism but also heresy, meaning a dissent on the doctrinal level, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller told IlMessaggero.it (April 4),

He noticed that the German "Catholic Church" has been calling for a long time for female priests, Communion for adulterers, accepting homosexuality, and blessing homosex liaisons.

"This is a slippage on Protestant positions, perhaps they want a Church united with Protestants,” Brandmüller, a convert from Protestantism, said.

He knows that very few people will join the German schism because most German "Catholics" are deeply indifferent, secularised, and on the brink of abandoning all religion.

Brandmüller's sweeping condemnation of "the Protestants" is somewhat unjust as there are many Protestant groups which are doing much better than the decadent Novus Ordo Church.


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A liberal protestantism.
"most German "Catholics" are deeply indifferent, secularised..." Then why do the German dioceses keep getting so much money from them?