Vatican Advisor: Francis Shows That Climate Alarmism Is “Not” a Leftwing Cause

Francis makes it "very clear" that climate alarmism is "not a partisan issue," the German economist Ottmar Edenhofer told leftwing TheGuardian.com (January 15).

A former Jesuit, and professor of “Economics of Climate Change” in Berlin, Edenhofer was appointed as an advisor of the Vatican's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

In the Vatican, Edenhofer plans to propagate “climate refugees” and the idea that rich countries which are "more responsible" for toxic emissions should pay money to poor countries.

Francis is for him an important influencer, "We cannot underestimate that the pope is basically speaking for 1.3 billion people.” Edenhofer is convinced that Francis’ climate apostolate is also important for Evangelicals who have a "huge problem" to recognise climate change as an important issue, because they see this as a “western European leftwing agenda.”

But Edenhofer insists that Francis “makes it very clear” that this is not a “partisan issue.” He explains that "the Catholic Church" allegedly represents “socially conservative people” and therefore “it is important that the Church can speak to these people.”

Edenhofer has given up hope to convince “climate deniers” like Donald Trump, “But other leaders like Joe Biden, and also in China leaders are convinced.”

Picture: © NAME, CC BY-SA, #newsAyofmvybdj

Francis shows that Vatican supports leftwing causes
P. O'B
Right. If Francis is for it, it is most certainly a left-wing issue. And "the Pope speaks for 1.3 billion people"? Well, count me out.
Dr Bobus
Does he have an answer for the early 1980s insistence that a New Ice Age was coming?