Irish Bishops Make an Interesting Discovery

Ireland’s four archbishops have declared that Health Minister Stephen Donnelly “clandestinely” made attending daily and Sunday Mass a criminal offence punished with up to five years in prison.

They called for the suspension of the “draconian measure" describing it as a breach of trust, irishtimes.com (April 18) wrote. The Irish Church asks for an urgent meeting with Donnelly, seeks legal counsel, and requests “the suspension of this harsh and unclear statutory instrument.”

The measure was clandestine because the government signed the April 12 law without an announcement and put it into the statutes on April 13.

On April 14, this change was used against Libertas Party's Declan Ganley who is challenging the Irish Mass ban. A day later, the Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin met several bishops but didn't inform them about the anti-Mass law.

Only on April 16, the law became known when a Trinity College Law Professor posted it on twitter.com.


P. O'B
Good thing this isn't religious persecution, or the government might hang, draw, and quarter the offenders.
The Mass is illegal in Ireland under its secularist overlords Fr. Gerard Quirke celebrated Dawn Mass for Easter Sunday at the old mass rock in Keem Bay, Achill Island, this morning. Photo: Sean Molloy