Will SCOTUS make abortion through the mails.

beyond the jurisdiction of any state or court to regulate?

Abortion Drugs at the Supreme Court - SBA Pro-Life America
already corporations are held above the law concerning any law they are convicted of in a court of law as any fine they are assessed are paid by others (customers, tax write-offs, etc.,)

Why is it possible that an industry that uses synthetic. opioids to cause mass addiction to drive profits wboy.com/…-attorney-general-sues-opioid-maker-purdue-pharma/be in charge of the life of the unborn in this country.

Murder by mail must be fought by spiritual means as this is a spiritual war.
Remember no one is going to jail for OXYCONTIN. and the drug epidemic and no one will go to jail over the murder of GOD's precious children.
The Sacklers, Who Made Billions From OxyContin, Win Immunity From Opioid Lawsuits

Pray, Fast and do penance, and like the city of Nineva. GOD will show mercy to us.
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