"Gender Fluidity": Did Bishop's Fluid Brain Coagulate Again?

Local Catholics seem to have succeeded with their protest against Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long.

Long reversed his opposition to a proposed bill banning the teaching of the nonsense "gender fluidity" ideology in schools, and withdrew a negative submission replacing it on May 5 with a statement confirming that Parramatta Diocese “affirms the prohibition of teaching gender ideology (gender fluidity) in an educational setting.”

Now, Long says he has “serious concerns” about this “ideology.” However, a Paramatta faithful suspected in front of NCRegister.com that Long's newest submission is not a victory but only an “appeasement to shut us down” while Long “continues his unfaithful agendas in many spheres.”

Another Catholic, Bernadette Ching, believes that Long still wants to implement a new curriculum which continues to promote his homosex agenda.


Clever bishop is clever. He's learned from Francis. He'll publicly "reverse" and then in practice continue on as usual. You heard it here first.
Jeffrey Ade
I think instead of liquefying , their blood has coagulated?
Hound of Heaven
It is difficult to take such a 'reversal' seriously. The serpent tells you what you want to hear.
"Long is wrong"