Mistake: Viganò Appeal Publishes Private Emails

Viganò’s May 7 Appeal published on VeritasLIberabitVos.info a file containing all data of the about 30,000 signees, including email addresses and private comments.

The mistake was found by the anti-Catholic Katholisch.de (May 12) which belongs to the German Bishops.

After Katholisch.de went public, the list was deleted.


comfort ye
You forgot his black pachamamma ring.
la verdad prevalece
We have nothing to fear we know that our private information is in each diocese in the hands of the internal enemies who have infiltrated our Catholic Church, every time we signed protesting our information went directly to them. The mere fact of belonging to a diocese is sufficient information that is in the hands of our internal enemies and we know that.
The Dubia..................Turned out to be a barking dog without teeth. 😭
comfort ye
Vengence is mine saith the Lord, I will repay....
Vat. II