Young Priest: Abuse Witch Hunt Went Too Far

Rome’s Supreme Court of Cassation has annulled the conviction of Father Mauro Galli, 36.

Galli, a priest of Milan Diocese, has been going through hell for over ten years after a 15-year-old teenager spent the night in the same double bed with him in December 2011.

This quickly became known and Galli confessed immediately. Never was there any talk of abuse. Galli had to leave the parish and was placed under psychological observation.

It was not until July 2014 that the accuser's family came up with the new claim that Galli had abused the boy. A complaint was filed with the police. Amid mad abuse hysteria fuelled by unscrupulous oligarch media, Galli went to trial and was sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

The Supreme Court is now criticising the inexplicably late reporting, pointing to the teenager's proven narcissism, his desire to be the centre of attention, his simulated asthma attacks, anaphylactic shocks and demonic obsessions that led his parents to call in a psychotherapist.

Of all things, the boy had a period of improvement before and after the "abuse". There will be a new trial.