Cardinal "Apologises" After Confidential Meeting

Cardinal Kurt Koch, 72, and the presiding German bishop Bätzing held a "confidential conversation" in Rome on 4 October after clashing in public over the anti-Catholic German Synod, writes the German bishops' website Dbk.de.

After the meeting, Koch backed down and "apologised" to everyone he had offended. He stressed that he had not intended to accuse the members of the Synodal Way of a Nazi-like ideology.

Days earlier, on 29 September, Koch had already apologised for any offence but defended himself, saying that he could not retract his truthful statement.

Koch was persecuted by the German oligarch media and cancelled his trip to Germany last weekend for "security reasons".

Picture: Kurt Koch, © EKS-EERS, Flickr CC BY-NC, #newsXhbxtlkack

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