Fraudulent PCR testing led entire world into lockdown tyranny.

Fraudulent PCR testing led entire world into lockdown tyranny; treasonous politicians to blame - DR. EDDY BETTERMANN MD
Just weeks before much of the world was forced into mandatory lockdown due to fears about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the journal Eurosurveillance published a bogus study announcing the arrival of the infamous PCR test, which was declared to be the world’s first diagnostic tool for identifying the “coof.” Without question, the PCR test was immediately endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom – the first non-medical leader of the United Nations arm, by the way – who pushed it as a reactive solution to the plandemic problem. Since that time, however, we have learned that PCR testing is fake science and completely fraudulent.

Study authors Dr. Christian Drosten from the European Union’s Center for Disease Prevention and Control, along with several colleagues from the Berlin Virology Institute at Charité Hospital and a small Berlin biotechnology company known as TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH, say they were somehow able to come up with an effective diagnostic test for COVID-19 just a few days after the novel virus was first identified in Wuhan, China. And much of the world believed them, including political leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, both of whom plunged their nations into a horror show of stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, and nonstop fearmongering.

President Donald Trump also declared a national emergency, though he has never pushed testing or mask-wearing. Even so, many state and local politicians embraced the narrative that PCR testing was necessary to identify “cases” of COVID-19, using this as justification to also impose mandatory lockdowns, mask restrictions, business closures, and other severe economic disruptors that have devastated our nation’s viability.

Roughly 10 months after this PCR testing study was published, 23 highly respected international virologists, microbiologists, and other scientists came out against it, calling on Eurosurveillance to immediately retract it. These experts also published their own peer-reviewed analysis of the study that completely deconstructs its false claims.

The review accused Drosten and his cohorts of “fatal” scientific incompetence, and their PCR test as fundamentally flawed. It also points out the fact that the original study was never peer-reviewed before being published in Eurosurveillance, peer review being the “gold standard” of credible science. The Corman-Drosten paper, as it is now being called, was submitted to the journal on Jan. 21, accepted for publication on Jan. 22, and published online on Jan. 23.

Even before the paper was published, the WHO at its Jan. 17 gathering in Geneva officially recommended PCR testing as a surefire way to identify COVID-19. This would suggest that the paper itself was a mere formality, and that world leaders already knew what was coming down the pipeline as part of their plandemic agenda for the world.

“The published RT-qPCR protocol for detection and diagnostics of 2019-nCoV and the manuscript suffer from numerous technical and scientific errors, including insufficient primer design, a problematic and insufficient RT-qPCR protocol, and the absence of an accurate test validation,” the team of expert critics warns about the PCR testing study.

“Neither the presented test nor the manuscript itself fulfils the requirements for an acceptable scientific publication. Further, serious conflicts of interest of the authors are not mentioned.”

Certain plandemic developments that hadn’t yet occurred were mysteriously known beforehand by politicians pushing lockdowns, masks

On Jan. 21 when the Corman-Drosten study was submitted to Eurosurveillance for publication, there had only been six deaths attributed to COVID-19 worldwide, all of them in Wuhan. And yet somehow, the paper’s authors were already claiming that public health laboratories were facing “a challenge.” Keep in mind that at the time, there was no substantial evidence to suggest that the outbreak was more widespread than Wuhan.

The political establishment went along with the ruse, writing the script in real time as it was happening because they appear to have known in advance that the plandemic would eventually go global. Many of them attended or at least knew about Bill Gates’ “Event 201” pandemic exercise, which was held about a year before the first known cases of COVID-19 were reported by the mainstream media.

We now know that certain “public health” officials actually benefitted financially from the phony PCR testing scheme, collecting a paycheck for each test sold. Drosten, who is considered to be Germany’s version of Anthony Fauci, is one such political head who makes money every time a PCR test is sold, even when the results turn out to be a false positive – which is almost every single time.

All in all, the Borger report challenging the bogus Corman-Drosten study identifies “ten fatal problems” with it, one of the most glaring being the fact that the intentionally erroneous primer and probe sequences used in PCR tests allow them to pull up “several different alternative primer sequences which do not relate to SARS-CoV-2.”

This is “not suitable as a Standard Operational Protocol,” Borger and his team allege, adding that these “unspecified positions should have been designed unequivocally.”

“RT-PCR is not recommended for primary diagnostics of infection,” they conclude. “This is why the RT-PCR Test used in clinical routine for detection of COVID-19 is not indicated for COVID-19 diagnosis on a regulatory basis,” they add.

Even more damning is the fact that the PCR test has no proper standard for identifying a positive or negative result. It does not even define the parameters for what would constitute a positive or negative result, which means the PCR test is basically a play-pretend diagnostic tool producing fake results in order to advance a nefarious, “Global Reset” agenda.


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