The Lion of Judah & Lyin' From KristianKeller

Since attack-posts are the new GTV fashion, defense-posts are only fair.

For some time now, KristianKeller has been obsessing over a discussion we had in late November/ early December of last year. Yes, that's right. KristianKeller has been stewing non-stop on a conversation from five months ago.

I say "non-stop" since they brought this up just last month Now they've started a dedicated "attack-post" to revisit the discussion again this month.

KristianKeller is repeating false statements with the clear intention of defaming another user's character. In simple terms, it's libel.

KristianKeller's Lie #1:
"Person under name Ultraviolet is promoter of antipope Francis and Vatican II sect"

KristianKeller just discredited himself.

I do not support Pope Francis. I don't like Pope Francis. I don't approve of Pope Francis. But Pope Francis is the Pope. I don't like that either. I have repeatedly explained this to KristianKeller. I've repeatedly explained this to many people here. Likewise, I'm a staunch supporter for the Traditional Latin Mass.

So why is KristianKeller repeating a statement they know is false?

KristianKeller's Lie #2:
"Notice that he says that Egyptian myth of Osiris describes same thing as Jesus's Incarnation, death and Resurrection."

... In reference to what statement? This one, also by me: "a man with a divine father who gets killed and comes back from the dead."

Will anyone seriously argue that doesn't apply to Jesus? He was a man. He had a divine father. He was killed. He came back from the dead. Every point I stated is both true and Catholic.

I was discussing the myth of Osiris as the basis for a story (as opposed to Catholic truth) and those generalities also apply. Are there differences? Of course there are. Osiris was Egyptian, Jesus was Jewish.. Osiris didn't exist and Jesus did. Osiris was dismembered and Jesus wasn't. etc.

I already told KristianKeller all this back on March 27th. So why is KristianKeller repeating a statement they know is false?

KristianKeller's Lie #3:
"This puts on same level pagan myth and Truth, that Jesus is God who came and redeemed the world."

I used the word myth for a reason: "The ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris..."

Myths by definition are not true. If I call something a myth, then it is by definition not true . So I'm not putting pagan myth on the same level as Truth.

Still old news from our discussion back on March 27th. So why is KristianKeller repeating a statement they know is false?

KristianKeller's Lie #4:
"So, as any honest person can see, he openly promotes paganism and blasphemes Jesus Christ."

Weigh that accusation against a direct quote from me on the subject:

"But Jesus is real and Osiris is a myth."

KristianKeller didn't repost that quote because the entire "promotes paganism" claim falls apart against it. He left it out on purpose. Is that what an "honest person" does? No.

This next comment sums up the entirety of their selective reporting.

"Note: I highlighted important things for you to see dear reader".

Indeed, dear reader, notice also what didn't get highlighted, what didn't get quoted, even though KristianKeller obviously went sentence-by-sentence picking through my comments. So why is KristianKeller repeating a statement they know is false?

KristianKeller's Lie #5:
"Also this wild idolater Ultraviolet started to spread baseless lies, that I might have impure things on PC."

Is it a baseless lie? No. It's a suspicion. I certainly suspect it. I can't prove it.The only way to be certain is for an independent team of digital forensic experts to examine KristianKeller's PC, that's before they swap their hard-drives in a panic.

KristianKeller's Lie #6:
"This is kind of evil that people are dealing with, with obstinate heretics and people who openly promote antipope Francis."

Repeats KristianKeller's Lie #1. This underscores KristianKeller's full understanding of the accusation they're making. It isn't just their "poor English" or they didn't understand. KristianKeller is telling deliberate falsehoods again and again. So why is KristianKeller repeating a statement they know is false?

Because KristianKeller is a liar and that's what liars do.

This last accusation from KristianKeller isn't a lie, it's just a fine example of their ignorance of Scripture.

"seeing pagan like worship of Lion as substitution for Christ,"

We were discussing C.S. Lewis and the Narnia book series. Ever wonder where Lewis got such a notion? He was referencing the author of Revelations who made exactly that same literary substitution.

"And one of the ancients said to me: Weep not; behold the lion of the tribe of Juda, the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." Rev 5:5.

Is that "pagan"? No KristianKeller That's Scripture.