Opposition Against "Beatification" Of “Fidel Castro In Cassock”, the Prophet of Madness

The Brazilian born Catholic writer Raymond de Souza sent a report about the sinister side of Archbishop Helder Camara (+1999) to the US Nuncio and to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Angelo Becciu.

In 2015, the Vatican authorised the opening of a beatification process of the Anti-Catholic Brazilian prelate.

De Souza writes that Camara started his public life as a party official and private secretary of the political activist Plinio Salgado (+1975) who led the Brazil fascist movement in the 1930s.

Then, Camara morphed into an international defender of Chinese and Cuban Communism.

Camara became a pundit of Marxist “liberation theology” and was called the “Fidel Castro in Cassock” and the “Red Archbishop.” He supported invalid ordination of women, divorce, second marriages and called the prophetical encyclical Humanae vitae “an error destined to torture wives.”

Further, Camara believed that scientists would in the future create life artificially and resurrect the dead (!).

In a poem, Camara wrote: “I dreamed that the Pope went mad, and he himself set fire on the Vatican, and on Saint Peter’s Basilica. Sacred madness, because he set the fire, and the firemen in vain tried to extinguish it…. For a Pope to live the Gospel, we have to imagine him in full madness.”


To sum up, A Brazilian prelate who not only promoted communist regimes but also advocated for contraception, remarriage after divorce and women priests, is being considered for sainthood by Rome.
Histrionic heretic
Arthur McGowan
Anti-popes can't canonize anyone. So it's nothing to get exercised about.
Still his mockery of the Faith is angering.
J G Tasan
Owh!, another poor soul been admitted into hell...