Self-Defence: Catholics Throw Pachamama Idols Into the Tiber

Genuine Catholic Action.

Halfway Through Synod: Vatikan Fakes Ignorance About Pachamama Statue

Martyrs were often told the most casual outward observance or endorsing a certificate, was needed, yet none showed fear and won the Crown of Martyrdom. Pray for the conversion of Bergoglio and his minions who bowed their heads to Pachanama and then had the demon preside over the anti synod.

Near the Vatican: Yoga Pant Mass For LuLuLemon Girls (Video)

Was that the silly young women who was carried on a sedan some days ago? What an army of old dykes in the congregation.

Surprised? Amazon Synod "Priestess" Is a Pseudo-Marriage Lesbian

All these sort are middle to old aged white women.

Moderate Bishop: Catholic Women Don’t Want Ordination

Only some old mannish V2 lesbians want ordination.

Seven More Accusers Against Cardinal McCarrick

McCarrick seems not remotely penitent, just a victim of a HRC style 'vast rightwing conspiracy.'

Third Round of the Vatican Civil War

I suppose gay bathouses ain't free. Cardinal Pell suffers in gaol because he was too hardworking in exposing thievery in Rome.

Bankruptcy: Francis Betrays Faith – Providence Betrays Francis

Gay saunas aren't free y'know.

Heroic Brazil Archbishop Fights „Dragon Of Traditionalism”

Living in his head rent free, cool.

Sharia Law in Londonistan

Friends of Francis

The Old Mass in the Amazon with natives

Likely the old missionaries converted someone, while what the new missionaries, isn't clearly Catholic, if they tried to convert someone.

Pagan cry of ‘Mother Earth’ enters St. Peter’s Basilica for Amazon Synod’s opening Mass

A notable portion look like white, mannish, old Novus Ordo nuns. Christ deliver us.

"No other option" but married priests

These old unbelieving pervs use the indigenous as mouthpieces for their errors. Could the Brazilian government not shut this horror synod down?

Pope Francis: “I Want The Confusion”

Deliver us oh Lord from this Communist faggot.

Francis-appointed bishop urges Catholics not to oppose violent feminists who attack churches, …

A notably sleazy FrancisBishop (a book on the 'art of kissing') who endorses abortion in a nudge wink way.

Their Synod: Applause For "Married Priests" And "Female Ministries"

None of them would marry. This is an angle to the public approval of sodomite relationships later on.

Synod Boss: Feathers Yes But Cassocks Are Not Welcome

God rid us of these homo heretics.

New Zealand Diocesan Bishop, 59, Expected to Retire Today

Frank has no interest helping bishops who are at least sexually normal. It takes decades to remove homo bishops.

Portent? Fragments Fall off Ceiling During Francis' Mass

The roof need to fall on filthy Frank.

Mumbo-Jumbo in Vatican Gardens: Gullible Francis Participates (Video)

Man, given that V2 is the Religion of Man? Not clear though that the old Communist has any belief in the supernatural.