An Argentinean Knows Why Francis Refused Cardinal Marx’ Resignation

The Caesars ordered those who fell into disgrace to commit suicide, the Peronists forced them to commit suicide slowly by forbidding them to resign, Caminante-Wanderer.Blogspot.com (June 14) writes.

For the blog, “the perversity of power takes many forms,” and Francis followed the Peronist tradition once again by refusing Munich Cardinal Marx's resignation.

This was a Machiavellian countermove, Caminante writes, against the Machiavellianism of the naive German who wanted to resign to be free to promote the rebellious German Synod. However, Bergoglio disarmed Marx – who can no longer threaten to resign – forcing him to align himself with Rome.

Thus, Marx has been neutralised, weakened, emptied: “How can he, whom the Pope himself has ratified, now represent the revolutionaries?” the blog asks. With a single accurate blow, Bergoglio liquidated Marx and left a zombie in his place entrusting him a “suicide mission.”

Caminate recognises that Bergoglio – a “hollow-minded” and “frivolous” person – is a master of these "little tricks." Like a spider, he weaves every possible intrigue preventing his power from being discussed. The blog anticipates a spectacular fight, full of foul play, and a victory for Francis over the naïve German bishops.

On June 7, Caminante wrote that the Germans are a real problem for Francis. They brought him to power but when they wanted him to repay the debt - female priesthood, homosexualism etc – “they realised that Bergoglio doesn’t pay his debts - like Argentina.”

Therefore, they decided to get what was owed to them through the synod. But Francis published his June 1 Apostolic Constitution decreeing that a bishop attempting to “ordain” a woman is automatically excommunicated and can be dismissed from the clerical state - the harshest penalty the Church can inflict. For Caminante it is evident that Francis directed this at the German bishops.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEwxntzuvbo

It was a theatrical collusion to reinforce their progressive agenda and alliance. The only difference is that the German Synod wants to administer the progressive poison fast while Bergoglio the Jesuit wants to do it more slowly and subtly.
“they realised that Bergoglio doesn’t pay his debts..” -something they'll correct by electing a weak and tractable successor: Cardinal Tagle. ;-)
The pope didn't accept it because he is with Marx all the way. Marx only submitted it to confirm that fact. A very sophisticated wink and nod!
What is the name of clergy that play church politics ?
They all do @aderito Even the most rural parish priest must decide if and how he'll curry favor his bishop or, if not, how best to diplomatically avoid offending the man.