Sodom-Author Was "Expert" For Slanderous "Abuse Report" of French Bishops

The grossly exaggerating Sauvé report of the French Bishops on homosex abuses used the homosex activist, socialist and atheist Frédéric Martel, 54, as an “external expert.”

He was invited despite the fact that he defamed Benedict XVI as "a homosexual,", said that Cardinal Müller received him in pyjamas, and announced a "historic speech" of Francis on homosexuality which never happened.

An October 2019 hearing with Martel resulted in eight pages (French).

In his homosex propaganda book "Sodom", Martel alleges without presenting facts that a "heterosexual Francis" lives in the Vatican "among fags" [who were all appointed by him], and that being homosexual is "almost the norm in the clergy."

Martel further invented, that four of Francis’ recent predecessors were homosexual - evidently not friend Francis who housed Martel in the Vatican and had time to read Martel's propaganda.

Martel's main source is his "gaydar" (a contraction of "gay" and "radar") which, he believes, allows him to recognise other homosexuals. Further, he preaches in the homosex dogma that whoever criticises the homosexual vice is a "homosexual," and whoever condones this vice, is not. Therefore, Francis' critics are all "homosexuals."

This is the level of the French "abuse report" which proves that the French bishops are decadent also when dealing with decadence.

Picture: Frédéric Martel, © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsNbkyfwxvyn